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Victory against advertising company.

Wednesday 16 November 2005     |      International and sex offenders     |      Email    |      Print

scarletThe Dutch Nationale Alliantie started an offensive against a Dutch company called Scarlet, which offers telephony and broadband internet. This was because of a disgusting commercial in which a small girl in lingerie is being used.

Scarlet received a letter from the Nationale Alliantie, in which the N.A. insists it ends this commercial within a week. From that point on, several actions would follow.
In the name of liberalism and the ‘everything is allowed’ mentality, more and more of our values are getting lost. Matters like paedophilia are getting more and more “normal”.

The living proof of this is, for example, the invitation of paedophile association Martijn to a forthcoming meeting of RozeLinks (PinkLeft), the gay division of left-wing political party GroenLinks (GreenLeft). The repulsive commercial by Scarlet encourages paedophilia and in the battle against paedophilia, we should use any means we have available to us.

In the meantime, a second group started actions against these paedophiliac commercials. This was by spray-painting the advertisement boards of Scarlet.
The Nationale Alliantie has no connections to this group and, as a political party, isn’t allowed to approve of such actions.
Still we cannot deny that we think this action by the Zuid-Hollands Legioen (South-Dutch Legion) is an appealing one.
A few days later, Scarlet announced that they would continue with an ammended version of their commercial, because of all the complaints.