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About the Project

If you drive the 13-mile stretch of highway known as the Borman Expressway (I-80/94 between the Indiana-Illinois state line and I-65) on a typical day, you'll share the road with 160,000 vehicles. In 2003, the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) initiated a $300 million project to expand the highway's capacity and enhance safety.

When finished in 2009, the new highway is expected to handle traffic volumes for 20 years and will feature:
* More lanes - for a total of four through lanes in each direction.
* New collector-distributor lanes to help motorists easily enter and exit the highway.
* Lengthened interchange ramps and new bridges to maximize vehicle flow.
* Enhanced lighting and improved drainage.
* Final Interchange Configurations
   *Burr | Grant | Broadway

Keeping traffic flowing on this vital national corridor is critical. During all construction phases INDOT will maintain three through lanes in each direction. At times, on- and off- ramps will be closed for reconstruction. Below is a brief timeline highlighting major components of the reconstruction. For details about the current construction, please visit the Restrictions & Detours page.

Reconstruction Plans
Illinois state line to Calumet Avenue
The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is coordinating the work on the Borman Expressway in this area. Their construction coincides with the rebuilding of the Kingery Expressway in Illinois.

2004: Installed lighting and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and completed additional preparatory work.

2006: Rebuild outside retaining walls. Reconstruct the roadway mainline - adding a fourth lane in each direction. and reinstalling sound barrier walls. This will require temporary closures of the westbound on- and off-ramps at the Calumet Avenue interchange. Visit for more information.

Calumet Avenue to Cline Avenue
2003-2004: Removed and replaced all pavement. Added fourth lane and collector-distributor lanes in each direction. Completed minor reconfiguration of Indianapolis Boulevard and Kennedy Avenue interchanges. Reconstructed bridges over the Borman. Reconditioned sound barrier walls.

Note: The new fourth lane in this section will be opened when the construction in Illinois is completed in December 2006.

Cline Avenue to east of Georgia Street
2003-2004: Removed and replaced all pavement in eastbound lanes. Added a fourth lane to westbound side. Began widening of Grant Street and Broadway interchanges. Replaced bridges on Grant Street, Broadway and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

2005: Remove and replace pavement in westbound lanes. Add a new fourth lane in each direction. This lane will be opened once construction of the highway is complete in 2009. Reconstruct interchanges at Burr Street, Grant Street and Broadway. This work will require various ramp closures throughout the construction season.

Georgia Street to Clay Street

2007: Rebuild the north side of the I-65 interchange.

2008: Rebuild the south side of the I-65 interchange. Reconstruct the northwest connector ramps, from I-65 northbound to the Borman Expressway westbound.

2009: Replace the existing highway pavement. Add a new fourth lane. Replace the bridge on Colorado Avenue, over the Borman Expressway. All reconstruction activities are scheduled to be complete by December.