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Date: 2-11-06
From: Tom LeBlanc
Subject: How To Own a Piece of the Internet

Dear Internet Friend,

Hi my name is Tom LeBlanc and I’m here to tell you that you can own a piece of the Internet. That’s right… a piece of the Internet. Let me explain:

The 10-year Internet is growing like wild fire.

The masses are doing more and more online shopping.
Revenue from online shopping is exploding at a record pace.

What if you could own a piece of that revenue?
What if you could benefit form a small slice of the massive revenue generated by online shopping?

Well, I have good news—you can!
You can because a brilliant visionary by the name of Richie Roane developed a way of doing it. He invested millions of dollars of his own money and 8 years of his life to do something that has never been done before. And you can be a part of it by doing what you already do. That’s right—by doing what you already do.

It’s all about word of mouth advertising.
You tell your friends when you eat at a great restaurant. You spread the word when you see a good movie don’t you? You promote products you like. You encourage people to buy the products you are happy with don’t you? And when your friends make the purchase how much does the merchant pay you? Huh? Nothing. You mean we have been advertising for merchants and recommending their products or services all this time and they have never paid us to do so? That’s right. That’s how it works. It’s called word of mouth advertising. It’s the most powerful form of advertising but it doesn’t pay us very well, does it? We have been doing it for free. But all that has just changed.

Here is how you can own a piece of the Internet
You can own a piece of the Internet and a portion of the revenue generated through online shopping by becoming a part of MadeBig.com. You can become a member of MadeBig.com for free. When you refer others to the site you earn various rewards. In effect, you get paid for sending shoppers to the MadeBig shopping site which is a collection of hundreds of online businesses. But it gets better! By becoming an agent you can develop multiple (4) streams of income and a lifetime of residual income simply by telling people where they can shop and save. This is amazing!

What is MadeBig.com?
It’s an online shopping site that allows merchants to advertise for free. In the Internet economy merchants pay a lot of money to advertise. Most businesses have Web sites to market their products but the world’s best Web site will earn nothing unless the merchant or Website owner can attract shoppers to their site. In other words they need to find a way to send shoppers to the site in order for them to make any money. On MadeBig.com the Merchants are featured at no charge. That’s free advertising for them. Until now this was unheard of! So it’s no wonder why so many merchants are beating a path to join the MadeBig.com community. This concept has never been done before. There is absolutely no charge to them UNTIL they make a sale. And when they do make a sale they pay a portion of their profit back to the person responsible for sending the shopper to their site. And that’s where you come in. If you are an agent can be the one who gets paid for sending shoppers to the member Web sites.

As an agent you will be in a position to always offer shoppers the hottest new product or service in virtually every industry represented on the Internet. Industries like travel, entertainment, education, wellness, telecom, and retail are represented by major players like Blockbuster, Walmart, Apple iTunes, Avon, Circuit City, Camera World, Camping World, Dell, Expedia.com, JC Penny, Kodak, Old Navy, Orbitz, Overstock.com, PetSmart, Pitney Bowes, Qwest, Starbucks, T-Mobile, Target, Tupperware, University of Phoenix, Verison Wireless, Western Union. And the list goes on. There are several hundred member merchants and the list is growing every day - giving you the possibility of benefiting from an ever-growing slice of the Internet’s online shopping revenue. This is what I mean when I say, ”You can own a piece of the Internet.”

The Next Big thing on the Internet
Every few years another huge major player makes an appearance on the Internet (like AOL, Google and Amazon.com) We believe MadeBig.com is going to be that next major event that happens on the Internet. And you can be a part of it. The timing is critical because it is currently in a pre-launch phase. The announcement to the world will take place in the Summer of this year. Those who become agents before the roll-out will be considered founders of the company. Now is the time to get involved. Now is the time to build your network.

You are gonna want to know more about the unlimited financial opportunity, the four income streams and the lifetime of residual income you can generate by getting involved.
Simply fill in the form below and you will gain immediate access to the information you will need to evaluate this opportunity further. Learn how to start generating a healthy second income NOW. And one more thing. You can become an agent for as little as $53. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. The timing is critical. Act Now! Complete the form and get the information.

Timing is Critical.
This Opportunity is still in the “Pre-Launch” stage.
The full roll-out will be within a few months.
NOW is the time to stake your claim
and Become a “Founder.”

YES! Show Me How To
Own a Piece of the Internet!

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