Bean Bag Activities

Submitted by Kathleen Leadley and Students of Wilder Elementary

Grade Levels : K-5

I had a "create your own challenge" day. I gave my students five bean bags and one Frisbee. The rule was that you could not throw the Frisbee. What "challenges" could they come up with. What a hoot. I just went around the gym and wrote down all their creations. Here is a small sample of their work.

1. Flipping pancakes: Bean bag is upside down in Frisbee flip the bean bag and catch it

2. Bean bag on foot flip it in the air and catch with the Frisbee

3. Balance the Frisbee on bottom of feet while lying down, toss bean bags in the Frisbee

4. Use the Frisbee like a bat and hit the bean bag.

5. Lay the Frisbee flat on the floor and use it as a target for the bean bags.

6. Give the teacher a chocolate chip bean bag cookie

7. Pizza delivery: Frisbee held upright on palm of hand, bean bags on the Frisbee running around yelling Pizza delivery.

8. Play catch with a partner using the Frisbee as a glove and the bean bag as a ball.

9. Crab walk with the Frisbee on the tummy filled with the bean bags. They were the momma crab walking her babies.

Kids today do not get enough creative free play. I told them I would put their ideas on the Internet. And they would be special around the world. We as teachers organize and get in the way to much. Sometime we need to step back and let them go. I got a new lesson from the kids.

Have fun with the kids as they never cease to amaze me. Do I like my job, you bet?

Submitted by :

Kathleen Leadley ( KLeadley@AOL.COM) and Students of Wilder Elementary

Wilder Elementary

Green Bay, WI