X-Tek Group is a leading manufacturer of x-ray inspection systems and equipment for quality control, research, and failure analysis.

Dynamic and experienced in the field of Non Destructive Testing, we pioneer x-ray technology within a wide range of industries including; electronics, pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, ordnance, agricultural, and many more.

Performance, efficiency and reliability are key within X-Tek's philosophy. As technology rapidly advances, we pre-empt the demands of industry whilst monitoring and developing our broad portfolio of equipment in line with customer requirements.

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  X-ray CT sold to Malaysian Standards Institute

The Malaysian Standards and Industrial Research Insitute SIRIM Berhad has recently acquired a new microfocus X-ray CT system.

  Antikythera Mechanism

X-Tek engineers play a major role in revealing the secrets of an ancient astronomical calculator - the Antikythera Mechanism.
  TWI acquires X-ray CT system

TWI Technology Centre (Wales) Ltd has recently acquired a new microfocus X-ray cabinet system to add to the wide range of non-destructive testing equipment already installed at the centre. The system – the X-Tek HMX225 - incorporates a 225kV source with a focal spot size of 5µm, making it suitable for the inspection of printed circuit boards and, more specifically, ball grid arrays, flip chips and broken wires, amongst other features.

  FFRESHeX II Weld Inspection System for Pipeline X-ray

The X-Tek FFRESHeX II (Fast Film Replacement for High Resolution X-ray) based inspection systems will be assisting in the laying 16” and 10” diameter pipelines from early September 2006 on one of the highest technology pipelay vessels in the world.
  X-Tek CT system on BBC news

BBC News features cutting-edge research at prestigious UK university: Prof Jim Elliott and Dr Graham Davis of Queen Mary, University of London have used an X-Tek system to form the basis for a new type of X-ray microscope to enable UK scientists to view materials in unprecedented detail.
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