Statement from Hoest:

Taake is not a political nazi band, etc..

We certainly didn’t expect the current threat reactions, as everyone should know by now that our whole concept is built upon provocation and anything evil- and death-related..

We will now censor certain symbols for the rest of the tour, and we truly apologize to all of our collaborators who might get problems because of the Essen swastika scandal (except for the Untermensch owner of that club; you can go suck a Muslim)!


On behalf of Taake,

-Lagnonector Hoest

New Taake EP arrives on March 12th

Hoest has let slip that the “Nekro” EP is confirmed for release on the 12th of March.
The EP is scheduled for release as a digipak and includes the following tracks:
“Voldtekt” (”Dra til Helvete” 10”EP 2006),
“Lamb” (”A Norwegian HAIL to VON” 7”EP 2005),
“Hennes kalde Skamlepper” (”Lagnonector” 10”EP 2005).
Also out on March 12th is the new Deathcult album, and a Digipack reissue of “…Doedskvad” featuring video clips of Taake performing at Hole in the Sky (2005).
Head over to the Merchandise page for purchase links.

Tour Dates - Updated!


Thu 15.03.2007 Berlin (GER) K17*****

Fri. 16.03.2007 Bischofswerda (GER) East Club*****

Sat 17.03.2007 Bitterfeld (GER) Festung Bitterfeld

Sun 18.03.2007 Arnhem (HOL) Goudvishal

Mon 19.03.2007 London (UK) Elektrowerkz

Tue 20.03 2007 Essen (GER) Turock

Wed 21.03.2007 Adelsheim (GER) Live Factory

Thu 22.03.2007 Wien (AUS) Escape

Fri 23.03.2007 Salzburg (AUS) Rockhouse

Sat 24.03.2007 München (GER) titanic city UPDATED!

Sun 25.03.2007 Piateda (IT) New Mexico

Mon 26.03.2007 Uster (CH) Rock City NEW !!!!

Tue 27.03.2007 Paris (FR) Locomotive

Wed 28.03.2007 Vosselar (BEL) Biebob

Thu 29.03.2007 Rotterdam (HOL) Baroeg

**** without URGEHAL + Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (GER)


Blast Corpse Promotion


46539 Dinslaken
Fon:+49 2064 465787
Mob:+49 162 3670479


PISS OFF & FUCK OFF to all the retards who have attempted translating my rune-lyrics so pathetically full of mistakes..
This is hereby the only page with the correct lyrics.
Also, a massive BUGGER OFF & SOD OFF to all the bootleggers out there, especially the cunts responsible for the lousy “A night of fog” CD..
That`s it!

Tour line-up announced!

The Taake tour line-up will be as follows :

Hoest: vocals and Devil worship
Lava (Amok, Dead to this World): bass guitar
Skagg (Deathcult, Gaahlskagg, Sigfader, Infernal Manes, Livsfarlig): Satanic guitar
Thurzur (Deathcult, Gaahlskagg, Sigfader, Infernal Manes): battery
Dragon (Deathcon, Grimfist, Aeternus, Black Hole Generator): guitar

Tour update

Taake are confirmed for Party.San 2007! More information and ticket prices can be found on the Party.San website.

Taake will also be headlining a European tour in March ‘07 with Urgehal and Koldbrann. Dates and Venues TBC.

Check back soon for further updates!

Website Update

The new Taake website is now complete. Hoest has given us the thumbs-up and new content/updates will be added as and when we get it/them.

Some notes about the site:

  • You are not required to register to post messages (however, doing so will reserve your nickname). All messages will be held for moderation.
  • There are 3 full tracks to listen to on the discography page. The latest flash player is required for these, which you can get here:
  • The old Taake Website is still active; this will be decommissioned in due course.


The Discography section is now live. There you will find the complete Taake discog and samples.

A Message From Hoest


Yeah, I`ve been out of jail for a while. Corax however still has a few years left of his sentence..
At the moment I`m putting together a new line up. There has been talk about a European tour next year..
In the meantime, check out Taake`s split 10″ with Gigantomachy, soon available from Agonia records..



We are currently moving the old Taake website over to a new host. Please check back soon for updates.