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Emu Tile

Ceramic Art Tile

Handmade by Emily M. Ulm

in   Kent, Ohio



Handmade Ceramic Art Tile Dragonfly


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Handmade Ceramic Art Tile Installation



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To all of my customers who keep me in the studio, making tile:

I love my work, and I am able to continue it because of you.  Thanks for

seeking out quality, American-made craft.  I am honored to know that my tiles

have or will become part of your home.  By choosing Emu Tile out of a

universe of possibilities, you are committing a creative act.  Because you decide

how to display or install these tiles, you are more than a consumer. 

You are a collaborator. Thank you for your support. -Emily

Copyright © 2004-2007 Emily M. Ulm,

All Rights Reserved.

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