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Boris Volfson 's Antigravity Page. Antigravity Maser.  The anti-gravity maser is the important new invention of Boris Volfson.  Other Volfson inventions include Antigravity Spaceship, US Patent No. 6,960,975, Antigravity Chamber. antigravity laser,
Gravity Machines Ltd. was incorporated in February 2007 in order to produce and to market worldwide a series of new devices based on the Gravity Control Maser invented by the company co-founder Boris Volfson.  The US Patent Application number 11/599,583 for the Maser is now pending and the foreign applications will be filed soon.  The Maser combines, in-one, the revolutionary Podkletnov machine and a laser-like powerful signal amplifier.  But unlike a laser that emits light, the Gravity Control Maser emits a coherent and collimated high-energy beam that changes gravity.  The use of the new gravity-modifying device will cause radical paradigm changes in many areas of human activities. Many important and lucrative markets for the Maser exist in communication, energy transmission, transportation, Earth resources’ exploration, space exploration, wireless power transmission, and non-invasive surgery. 

Only a few of the largest and most lucrative markets for Gravity Control Maser will be considered initially:

Wireless Communication (Communication business is $24 billion worldwide est., penetration of the new wireless technology by year 2020 -- 21%)  
Set a computer-connected Maser on a pulse mode, aim it at a distant receiver, and send data.  Unlike radio or microwave signals, the Maser signals are not obstructed or distorted by physical objects (structures, precipitation, mountains, etc.).  The telecom and cellcom signals could be sent through Earth from London to Sydney without the need for communication satellites.

Wireless Power Transmission (Total power transmission market is $15 billion /year, the new wireless segment will comprise 33% of the total market by 2020)
Aim the Maser at a half of a distant heavy wheel, this wheel set over a power generator, and the generator will turn producing electric energy.   Construction of a power grid is an expensive enterprise. The Maser could transmit power anywhere, even as far as the Moon, with no investment into infrastructure and with very little power loss.

Commercial Space Vehicle Orbit Correction (a new market estimated at $1.0 billion/year, expected penetration of the new technology by year 2020 — 100%)
Install together two or more high-powered Masers, set them to continuous gravity or repulsion, aim them at a satellite in space, and correct its position or orbit. $1 billion worth of commercial satellites are lost every year due to the incorrect orbital placement.   Nearly all of the “lost” satellites could be recovered using the proposed technology.

Commercial Space Vehicle Launches ($3.75 billion/year, expected penetration of the new technology by year 2020 — 80% or more)
Install a large Maser under a launch pad, set it to continuous repulsion, aim it at a grounded spaceship above and launch the spaceship into space. The current cost of sending a 1 lb. payload into a geosynchronous orbit by a chemical rocket of $10,000 will be cut to a mere $300-$400. 

Non-Invasive Surgery (Total US surgery billing -- $31 billion/year, Non-Invasive Segment to grow by year 2020 from 1% to 6% or to $1.75 billion)
Interconnect several small Masers, aim each at an arterial blockage or a kidney stone, and the harmful matter will move from an area where it causes harm to an area where it does not.  Conventional invasive surgery is expensive.  Maser surgery will be non-invasive, inexpensive, quick, safe and dramatically reduce hospital stay.

Subterranean Imaging For Petroleum and Minerals’ Exploration (Worldwide petroleum & minerals’ exploration 12 billion/year, 30% penetration expected by year 2020) 
Aim a powerful Maser through Earth at a distant receiver and send a short impulse.  There is a polarization that affects gravitational force impulses as they pass through the Earth’s mass. Besides, the gravitational force impulse would slow down (as compared to the speed of light in vacuum) reflecting the speed of gravity propagation in the particular material that represents the subterranean mass.  All these changes could be detected by a distant receiver. By sending multiple impulses to a moving receiver, a 3-diminsional “sliced” image similar to the Computer Aided Tomography (CAT) scan could be generated. This image would allow detection of subterranean structures and geological formations including the deposits of gas, oil and minerals.   The new detection method would revolutionize the business of geological exploration.

Wireless Communications
Customers:  Major telecoms, cellcoms, information services, Internet service providers, TV stations and syndicators
Customer Needs: Lower equipment cost, lower installation & maintenance cost, higher info transmission speed, data security, flexibility of signal delivery

Wireless Energy Transmission
Customers: Major power utility companies 
Customer Needs: High transmission efficiency, lower installation & maintenance cost, flexibility of power delivery

Subterranean Imaging For Petroleum and Minerals’ Exploration
Customers: Major petroleum and mineral exploration companies
Customer Needs: High-definition images of the subterranean structures and accurate identification of material contents of these structures

Commercial Satellite Launches 
Service Providers: Major private, public and government space companies
Payload Customers: Private & public companies including communications providers, universities & governments
Service Provider Needs: Lower launch cost, less regulation, less pollution, reliable delivery to the required orbit
Payload Customer Needs: Lower cost/pound, higher assurance of payload delivery, lower payload insurance rates

Non-Invasive Surgery
Customers:  Hospitals, doctors’ and dental offices
Customer Needs: Lower procedure cost, higher patient volume, lower malpractice insurance/less litigation and shorter hospital stay
Patient Needs: Lower procedure price, better service, less fear, less discomfort and faster recovery

The mission of Gravity Machines Ltd. is to commercialize the breakthrough gravity modification technology by manufacturing and marketing new patented gravitational devices in the few selected $multibillion commercial markets
In the foreseeable future, the company’s Gravity Control Maser will be the only effective means available to reduce or increase gravity.  This new technology, when applied to the existing markets, offers unparalleled flexibility of use and cost savings.  Furthermore, the new Maser opens doors for new, yet unrealized markets. 

A rotating superconductor disk rotating against magnets is the key component of all reported gravity-modifying devices. The energized superconductor gives birth to vibrations: an equal number of phonons and antiphonons (phonons with waves inverted 180 degrees). These vibrations allow superconductivity by holding electrons together in Cooper pairs. The Cooper pairs form and fall apart, releasing the phonons.   Since phonons affect gravity, these particle-waves could be called gravitophonons.  For discussion’s sake, let’s substitute the word phonon with graviton and anti-phonon with anti-graviton (making some physicists understandably upset).

The superconductor disk rotates at high speeds.  Consider a thought experiment in which a superconductor disk acts as a centrifuge or a cream separator, like the ones used in milk-processing factories.  The heavy particles (milk) in a separator move toward the perimeter, and the light particles (cream) move toward the center. 

Cooper pairs may be singlets, triplets and exotic.  All these types of pairs have different mass.  In our thought experiment, the Cooper pairs with the smaller mass are the “milk”, and the Cooper pairs with the larger mass are the “cream”.  A conventional cream separator is a cylinder. However, our separator is toroidal. In our Cooper pair separator, we can imagine perforating its walls with many tiny holes.   In the Cooper pair separator, these “holes” are transparent to the gravitons that made the Cooper pairs in the Tajmar machine heavier.   These “holes” are also transparent to the anti-gravitons that made the Cooper pairs in the Podkletnov machine lighter.  In the Podkletnov machine, anti-gravitons propagated inward through these “holes” and were then pushed upward as an “antigravity” stream.

Now, in our thought experiment, we insert a cylindrical superconductive crystal into the center of the torus of our Cooper pair separator. The lighter Cooper pairs flow into the crystal through the inner “holes”. Now, think of a laser.  The superconductive crystal inserted into the torus is the active media in our laser. Just as phonons bounce between reflectors in a laser, we can now bounce the particles in the superconductive crystal, causing a population inversion.  At some point, these particles break through a reflective mirror allowing antigravitons to leave as an amplified beam of repulsive gravitational force (“antigravity”). 

Similarly to a conventional laser, Gravity Control Maser is comprised of a resonant cavity, a gain medium, and pumping means. The resonant cavity includes highly reflective means and partially reflective means.  Unlike a gain medium in a laser, the gain medium in the Maser is a rotating, crystalline, high-temperature superconductor.   The pumping means provide electromagnetic energy for the superconductive gain medium in order to form and then to excite Cooper pairs.   Trapped in the resonant cavity and amplified by the population inversion, the resonating free phonons eventually break through the partially reflective means and enter the vacuum as a coherent beam of gravitophonons.  

The gravitophonon beam changes properties of the ambient space, including the gravitational energy. The Gravity Control Maser emits a beam that affects the gravity of space millions of times more than Podkletnov's machine.  The incredible power of this coherent and collimated beam will allow wireless communications or energy transmission through all matter including Earth.  Imagine a signal transmission from Chicago to Sydney without the need for a fiberoptical cable or communication satellites!  Just imagine a power grid without poles, cables, substations, regular maintenance, power losses or blackouts! 

The US patent application number 11/599,583 titled “Phonon maser” was filed in December 2006.  The PCT application will be filed within the next 6 months.  The worldwide patents will protect the technology exclusivity through 2026.   By that time, the company possessing the technology will have an unmatched expertise and all the additional well-protected intellectual property required to maintain a competitive advantage for many years ahead.

The R&D objective is the development the gravity-modification technology from the ground level up through commercial products, addressing lucrative transportation, space exploration, Earth resource exploration, medicine, energy, and communication.  The new technology will be proved within a year on a medium-sized prototype device (60cm superconductor, 1MegaVolt output).   In the following years, the prototype will be scaled up to commercial machines.  Only the products for the markets with over $1 billion/year potential will be developed:

Completion Year        R&D Project Name                    R&D Investment

2007Setting Up/Equipping the Lab.  Start the Prototype $0.5mln (materials, high-voltage and cryogenic equipment procured)
2008Working Prototype Built and Validated   $1.5mln incl. construction and validation.  Voice communicator started.
2009Voice Communications Transmitter$10mln incl. receiver, coder/decoder
2010TV Communications Transmitter    $15mln Incl. receiver, coder/decoder
2011Energy Transmitter $20mln incl. receiver/generator
2012Earth Scanner / Explorer$25mln incl. receiver
2013Small Spaceship Launcher     $50mln (impulse or continuous emission models)
2014Non-Invasive Surgical Instrument    $50mln Incl. licensing approval

The company will start with the markets requiring smaller, less powerful machines (wireless communications and small energy transmitters).   The markets requiring larger machines (powerful energy transmitters, Earth-imaging machines and spaceship launchers) and the markets requiring regulatory agency approvals (non-invasive surgery) will be addressed later: 

Intro Year        Product Name                   Product Specifications

2007No products introduced (prototype development)                                       ---
2008No products introduced (prototype development)    1.5" dia x 15" gain medium, 15G, 1MegaVolt impulse emission
2009Voice Communications Transmitter2" x 30", 1-10G, 2.5MegaVolt impulse emission plus receiver, coder/decoder
2010TV Communications Transmitter    3ea. 2" x 30", 1-10G, 2.5MegaVolt impulse emission plus receiver, coder/decoder
2011Energy Transmitter 5" x 50" 15 G, 15MegaVolt impulse emission plus receiver/generator
2012Earth Scanner / Explorer25" x 200" 30G, 30MegaVolt impulse emission plus receiver
2013Small Spaceship Launcher    25" x 200" 40G, 120MegaVolt impulse or continuous emission
2014Non-Invasive Surgical Instrument    3ea. 2" x 30", 1-10G, 2.5MegaVolt impulse emission, licensing approval required

There are competitors in each market, all using conventional technologies.  None of the competitors uses the gravity control approach commercially.   Only Drs. Podkletnov, Ning Li and Tajmar built gravity machines.  Because of the weakness of the produced effect, these technologies and these machines were not commercially feasible.  In contrast, the new Gravity Control Maser will produce artificial gravity or repulsion (“antigravity”) many times exceeding the Earth’s gravity.  This immense power will allow the uses in communications, power transmission, Earth resource exploration, space exploration & medicine.


Address the most lucrative markets
Develop exclusive niches
Exhaustively test machines to assure quality
Protect the technology by a “wall” of international patents
Enforce patents and aggressively prosecute violators in courts
Premium-price the machines in the absence of direct competitors
Use all the available tools (trade shows, sales brochures, Internet, direct sales, etc) to address worldwide markets 


Sale Price per ea.Product NameWorldwide Market Sales

$ 1 bln Commercial Satellite Launcher & Satellite Orbit Correction Machine   4 machines/year
$36 mlnEarth Imager / Petroleum and Minerals Prospecting Machine      100 machines/year
$ 25 mln      Power Transmission Maser 200 machines/year
$10 mlnWireless TV Signal Communicator & Receiver    200 machines/year
$3 mln  Wireless Voice Communicator & Receiver  1000 machines/year
$1.75 mln     Non-Invasive Surgery Instrument 1000 machines/year
TOTAL WORLDWIDE SALES (expected in 2020)$19.35 billion

Giovanni Gugliermo (Director).  Giovanni Guglielmo is a bilingual senior level executive with 10+ years experience in sales management with award winning sales achievements with Fortune 500 corporations. He is an electronic and laser technology scientist with immense managerial skills.

Boris Volfson (Director). Boris is an engineer and physicist with 30 years experience in technical project management with several Israeli and American companies including Black & Decker.  Boris pioneered “antigravity” technology with the only US patent (#6960975) protecting a machine capable of manipulating gravity.

Gregory Fogel (Director).  Gregory holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics.  He is a scientist with 20 years of theoretical and application physics experience and expertise in such areas as medical physics, particle physics, optics, geophysics and computer science. 

The directors consider that company’s future success is sensitive to the following factors:

·Emitter technology validation
·Receiver technology validation
·Signal coding and decoding technology validation
·Reliance on the professional ability of scientists
·Reliance on the professional ability of engineers
·Reliance on the professional ability of programmers

The main asset of the new company is the intellectual property of the company founders, specifically Mr. Volfson and Dr. Fogel.   This property includes the revolutionary concepts of the gravity–modifying machines as represented by issued patents, filed patent applications, drawings, models, specifications, calculations & know how.

The company will prove its breakthrough technology in 2008 on a working Maser prototype built on a budget of about $2mln.  Once the technology is validated, the company will start building and marketing the revolutionary new gravity-controlling machines to the selected few markets, where the segment for the machines is no smaller than $1 billion.  These markets include wireless communications, wireless power transmission, imaging for the purposes of the Earth resource exploration, space exploration and non-invasive surgery.  The total sales are expected to reach $19.35 billion by year 2020. There are future (post 2020) markets for the company’s products in the space vehicle propulsion, medical / security imaging, etc. The monetary potential of both existing and future markets is enormous. The realization of this potential would make Gravity Machines Ltd. one of the largest and most profitable corporations in the world.

Maser transmitting a signal through Earth
Maser transmitting energy to a generator
Maser transmitting a signal to a submarine
Maser launching a satellite into space
Gravity Control Maser