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SDL Ports

All downloads are provided as is. IMR Technology is not responsible for any damage caused to your console.
Important: These are direct ports of games converted to SDL by the original authors. I take no credit in making any of the games supplied for download. I have sucessfully converted them to the Dreamcast. Some were easy, others needed slight modifications to work properly. If you have any questions about any of the ports, please don't hesitate to ask on my forums. Most questions will most likely be re-directed to the original authors.

Miss Driller SDL DC port

Authors Site: Miss Driller Website GPL code

*Update: Dpad controls are now implemented and also there is in game music implemented as of this version *analog controls* are "now only used for the menu and high score table". So now vmu saving is about all thats left to do. The controls are now very good using the dpad. Keyboard and analog still work as well - the same as before. Controls rundown: Use the dpad for ingame controls - use analog for the menus and highscore table.Fscanf routine has to be rewritten for saving to work correctly. more complex in game music system will be next. Thats all for this version should be what you were looking for. Get the BIN by clicking Download Now!

I have ported Miss driller SDL. The controls are fixed as best I could with the time I had to do this. The game is very nice, classy as it is almost an exact copy of the retail MR driller. This game port is 100% speed, the in game controls are a touch senstive, which means it's hardish to play, but of course it's fully playable once you are use to that. I will update this and add more polish in the coming months I even have a mod in the works. This game has sound effects and is complete. High score table, scrolling animated menus etc. When I update the source im going to include sound track music. And mod-able-ness. Controls Analog stick left right up down very sensertive. Only hold the down halfway as it is very sensitive. (There is no sensitivity threshold yet- will be fixed in the next release) Press A to confirm menu choices Press X to simulated the enter button *EG* for the high score table.


SDL fighter DC

Author: Radoslaw Gniazdowski

Homepage: SDL-Fighter

*Update. Changed some game maths to make it run better and be a bit more fun.The Game hits 16fps and is 5fps faster at times then the last version. Still not flying along but maybe in time.*To Do Change the grafix to load from the cd i could not seem to get this to work dont know why prolly my new burner. -Speed needs optmizing - Grafix loading from the cd for moding.*List of credits Quzar- he removed some debug info and the sdl controls and got some speed up and added the exit command.

Game similar to NC-Fighter, but it uses SDL. It has features like scrolling background, music (7 tracks), bonus items, animated explosions, 2 types of weapons and 4 enemies (including 2 bosses). All information can be found by clicking this link (text file will open- read for controller support!!).

Xrick fullspeed version

Copyright © 2000-2003

Homepage: XRick

Edit of Metafox source. xrick is a clone of Rick Dangerous, known to run on Linux, Windows, BeOs, Amiga, QNX, and now Dreamcast. Updated to Dreamcast Controller compatible! Fully functional. Final version.


Lupengo DX

Copyright © 1987-2003 Author: Carlo Borreo

Homepage: Lupengo SourceForge

I have redone the graphics to this game and it now has full controller support for both player 1 and 2.


Lupengo Classic

Copyright © 1987-2003 Author: Carlo Borreo

Homepage: Lupengo SourceForge

*notes: VMU high score saving, 2 Player mode -1 Player on DC Controller- 2nd Player on Keyboard, VMU graphics.



Copyright © 2002-2003 Thunder Palace Entertainment

Game creator and programmer: Catatonic Porpoise

Don't forget to read the readme for info on how to play. Download includes source and PC version as well as DC version.

Ultima IV full working version

Copyright © Lord British

Copyright © XU4 team

Copyright © IMR Technology

Like the PC game but with some DC specific features: Visual Memory Unit (VMU) saving and artwork, full VGA upgraded graphics pack, improved game performance and a full Ultima stereo soundtrack.


Copyright 2002 Paul Robson

Fun little game, give it a try.



Copyright 2002 Paul Robson

Thanks to Captain Skyhawk for the screenshot.





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