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The Beale Key
"Such a key I have left in the hands of a friend in this place..."  T.J.B.
125521  152251  251152  215512  521125  512215
What is the key that unlocks the Beale Cryptograms and reveals the location of the Beale Treasure?  And who was "Thomas J. Beale"?  The clues begin with the name.
Click on the Key to download a complete 34 page copyrighted version (.pdf) of "The Beale Key".
The name "Beale" was chosen for a reason:

B: letter value = 2
E: letter value = 5
A: letter value = 1
  L: letter value = 12
E: letter value = 5

Reversing the last two numbers in the string forms the numeric palindrome: 251152.  The digits 1, 2, 5 and combinations thereof are communicated in creative and diverse ways throughout The Beale Papers, and the 125 key can be used to solve the elusive mystery.

"The Beale Key" details my experiences in discovering and verifying the key;  solutions the key and other clues reveal;  and how the key provides ample evidence of the author's identity.
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