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Updated 03/30/2007


Bob Denhardt on the founding of AQHA in 1940 . . ."We were looking for horses like Little Joe and Joe Moore, Ballymooney and Red Dog, Guinea Pig and Possum, Zantanon and King, Jack McCue and Bullet. They weren’t Thoroughbreds . . .and they didn’t look like Thoroughbreds. . .  All were exceptionally well muscled, and it was probably this feature that first caught your eye.. . . these features were clearly characteristic of a breed. They were as unique in their conformation as they were in their ability to work cattle!"   

Do the above statements describe your Quarter Horse? Do you think that you might own one of these rare and unique individuals?  If you do, then welcome to the Foundation Quarter Horse Association.   If you can meet our high standards you have a horse you should be justifiably proud of.  And don't forget, we can do percentage calculations for you on horses you are thinking of buying, stallions you are considering breeding to, etc.  It's best to be sure BEFORE you spend your money on another horse or breeding fee.

The first step in registering your horse with FQHA is to determine if it is eligible.  Only horses that are 90% and above Foundation Quarter Horse blood are eligible for full FQHA registration.  Horses at least 85% foundation but less than 90% will be registered in the Appendix section.  If your horse is determined to be eligible, we will email you registration and membership applications within 72 hours. To order a Foundation Quarter Horse Percentage calculation click here.

FQHA is a non-profit association dedicated to the promotion, and preservation of Foundation Quarter Horses. FQHA has the highest registration requirements of any foundation association.  If your horse's foundation percentage meets our high standards it will qualify for registration in ALL OTHER foundation groups. Just another good reason to begin with FQHA. And, we are the only foundation association with a published breed standard that treats the foundation Quarter Horse as a breed.  


*Please Note: Official calculations, which are required for FQHA registration, can only be performed by the FQHA office.  The cost is $18 per horse (non-refundable).  No one can claim an FQHA percentage on any horse unless that percentage is official and has been completed by FQHA and/or it's agents.

Further Registration Information: Descendants of the AQHA stallion Impressive are not eligible for FQHA registration,  neither are horses which have any of the following genetic disorders - cryptorchidism, parrot mouth, or that carry the gene for  HYPP, or Lethal White Overo

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