mindfulwebworks.com I've been busy this week getting lots of behind-the-scenes techincal details updated for the new website. Like getting a new account so you can make donations to help support Mindful Webworks! Much more actual content coming up. Meantime, a new article has been added....
cop lights flashingA Run-In with Officer Green -- A close personal encounter with a passionate drug warrior: "WHAT'S THAT SMELL??" scowled Officer Green, and ordered me out of my car. Under Radical Incline, 2007-Mar-28
Radical InclineWebworks regarding human liberties and similar social and legal fundamentals: RADICAL OPINIONS in just plain text; RADICAL RIFFS, tunes, toons, & stuff; and the ongoing blog heap o'links, just random links galore, mostly news. 2007-Mar-26
FunniesHappy Vernal Equinox! Celebrating the official arrival of Spring, I'm adding a link to my personal Funnies index -- not Mindful's comics, but other folks' online comic strips, comic panels, and editorial cartoons that I enjoy reading regularly. 2007-Mar-20
no-brainerIt's All in your MIND! -- In honor of the new Mindful Webworks domain, the first Mindful cartoon webwork ever posted, back online for the first time in many years. Much more to follow!

Once upon a time I was a customer of CompuServe, a protected electronic preserve well before the wilds of the Internet became popular. As Internet popularity increased, CompuServe brought its customers net service with all the alacrity of Red China embracing free markets and religious liberty. Seemed forever before we could email outside the confines of CompuServe. Eventually, rather than do the intelligent thing and morph into an Internet Service Provider, CompuServe created its own ISP, called Sprynet. Thus it was that http://home.sprynet.com/~mindful/ was the first home of Mindful Webworks online. Reluctantly, but eventually, I dropped CompuServe. Sprynet got eaten by MindSpring (no relation) and MindSpring got gobbled up by Earthlink, which at this writing is still the gobbler and nobody else's gobblee yet. For a long time, Mindful Webworks were a subordinate folder at http://www.us75.com/mindful/. Without any direct links from the site's home page. MW became wandering, lost. Evicted by us75.com/, the Mindful Webworks became a squatter at another available website that us75.com/ had with CableOne, its latest and most cumbersome address, http://myweb.cableone.net/us75com/home.html.

Now, at last, after eleven years online, Mindul has its domain, as of 2007-March-17. Material will be coming online shortly. Watch this space. Until we get completely transferred to this new domain, the old Mindful website is still available for your perusal.

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