THUG ON DA LINE, the second full-length album by the legendary Grammy award winning rapper KRAYZIE BONE of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony fame, is due for release on Thugline/Ruthless/Loud Records on July 10. Because it's been two years since Krayzie's first solo project, the platinum-selling Thug Mentality 1999, Loud plans to initially release a 12" with 3 cuts from the album to DJ's to continue with the tradition of servicing the streets first while maintaining a base with Krayzie's core audience. "Y'all Don't Know Me" the A-side of the 12" is an upbeat hint that urges his public to get to know him as an individual, where the album's tracks attempt to offer you a glimpse into his life. The B-side of the 12" includes "If U A Thug" a song that introduces two new artists from Krayzie's new label Thugline Records, La Reece and Asu. And "Rollin' On Some Mo'" where KRAYZIE borrows its chorus from Lou Bega's "Mambo #5." "Rollin'..." features long-lost rapper Boss, the pioneering female gangsta rapper.

On THUG ON DA LINE, KRAYZIE produced six songs - "Time After Time," "Everybody Wanna Be Thugs," "Hard Time Hustlin'," "Kneight Riduz Wuz Here," "Ready 4 Combat," and "Bloody Murder," with additional hits from The Neptunes (Jay-Z), Irv Gotti (Ja-Rule), LT Hutton (Snoop) and Damizza (Mariah Carey). THUG ON DA LINE reflects on the experiences KRAYZIE has had since then and expounds on life in the inner city in general. On the first single to be released "Hard Time Hustlin'," KRAYZIE speaks about a young man that takes financial charge of his household by hustling because of the social injustices his family faces in the ghetto (Mama and Papa laid off, brother in jail). He hustles in the streets to bring his family up but when he decides that he'll only do one more hustle he gets busted by the Feds and goes to jail. On "If They Only Knew," KRAYZIE chronicles the difficulties a person goes through in relationships. KRAYZIE explains, "It's about cheating and everything else." And on "Time After Time," he talks about his walk with God.

Few people realize that it was KRAYZIE who spearheaded one of rap's domineering familes, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. It was KRAYZIE, who got the group its deal with now deceased NWA front man, Eazy-E. He took the group on a one-way trip to LA to follow their dream, once there he called Eazy and rapped for him over the phone. Eazy likes what he heard and told KRAYZIE he would get back to him. Eazy didn't get back soon enough; KRAYZIE heard NWA was playing in his hometown of Cleveland so he raised enough money for the group to go back home and get with Eazy there. Once there, the group caught up with Eazy after the concert and the rest is history.

So it's KRAYZIE who in 1994 was responsible for plotting the group's groundbreaking debut, the multi-platinum release of Creepin On Ah Come Up which spent more than 70 weeks on the Billboard's Top 200 album chart enabling them to achieve critical, musical and commercial breakthrough status. He hit again with the group's second release, E. 1999 Eternal, which sold 330,000 copies in its first week out. With his legendary style, KRAYZIE, created a more thought provoking side of hip-hop with innovative rap melodies on some of the biggest songs of the genre ("Tha Crossroad," "1st Of Tha Month," and "Thuggish Ruggish Bone"). Thug On Da Line promises to be KRAYZIE's most creative effort yet while continuing to make us think about the "state of being" in quiet yet heart-wrenching tone.