History of the Taste

Over 13 years ago, three pairs of eyes stared down the President of Krinos Foods and pitched a vision - the Taste of the Danforth. The concept, initially modeled on the enormously successful Taste of Chicago, would be a celebration of Hellenic cuisine and Hellenic culture. The president had no statistics, no analysis on which to base his decision, but after pacing the boardroom, turned and said "Krinos Foods will be the presenting sponsor for the next five years." He knew as a businessman that all ideas take time to develop and nurture. He's stayed with it, and Krinos Foods is a big part of this year's 12th anniversary Taste of the Danforth.


1994- 5000 people attend the first Taste of the Danforth Festival

1995- The Taste grows to 100,000 attendees

1996-The Taste grows so large, the Danforth street is officially closed for the festival to accommodate 500,000 visitors

1997-Danforth Street closes during the annual festival

2004-Olympic Celebrations draw large crowds

2005—Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyle theme inform

Our first year saw 5,000 people attend the event, with rain one day and a scorching sun the second. Only 23 restaurateurs participated that first year, selling an eclectic mix of spectacular "tastes" from tasting tables outside. But everyone felt good about what they were doing. 

After the first year, a thorough analysis of Toronto's weather led us to move the event to the second weekend of August. The number of attendees swelled to 100,000. By the end of the third year, the City agreed to a partial closure of the Danforth-and the crowds grew to 500,000! The Danforth has been closed during the Krinos Taste of the Danforth for the complete weekend ever since 1997, with the support of the City of Toronto and Toronto Police Service's Divisions 55 and 54.

Today, well over 1 million people attend the annual event, coming from Ontario, Quebec the northern USA, and around the world. They come for the food, the entertainment, the atmosphere and for something special each year.

Krinos Taste of the Danforth is one of Toronto's signature events, showcasing the best our multicultural city has to offer - from dim sum to mezes, from world folk music to children's games - but with a very special emphasis on the Hellenic food and culture that makes the Danforth a destination year round.

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