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Welcome To J.T.H Export

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Window Product List



Designs and measurements are individually tailored to meet your needs for example we can have the window added with extra security for Bullets, Fire, Burglary, Noise, insects or Hurricanes perfect for architects



1. Designs and Materials


  • Wood (eg. Sipo, Mahoganoy, heavy white Seraya, Meranti)  
  • Metal-Clad
  • Glass-Clad

  2. Window and Door Types

        Turn and Tilt windows

        Picture windows

        Double (or twin) Windows (one or two casements)

        Double-hung windows

        French Doors

        Sliding Doors

        Lift rolling Doors

        Folding Doors

        Entry Doors


3. Special Requirements

  • Design  (Different profiles, all shapes and curved configurations)
  • Heritage preservation
  • Security (Protection from burglary, bullets, fire and smoke)
  • Dade County (Protection from Hurricanes)
  • Sound insulation
  • Heat insulation (High-efficiency energy requirements as far as passive house standards
  • Ventilation

For a quote

Please email us with the sizes you need as well as how many and we will send back a quote within 2-3 days maximum 

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