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Stock Screening Criteria Sample for MultexInvestor Screener

To help you get started in creating your own Stock Screens to find potential new stocks to invest in, try using the following sample Value/Growth Screen Criteria (provided by Doug Gerlach). When you run the free MultexInvestor stock screener, the result will be a list of companies that match your screening criteria after filtering through the data of over 9000 companies in the Multex-MarketGuide database. Then you just need to do your Stock Selection Guides (SSG) on your short screened list of stocks to help determine if any are a buy.

Tutorial. Before starting you may wish to read this series of short screening articles, "A Step-By-Step NetScreen Tutorial." Or, just start by reading the tips below, and then read the tutorials. :)

Getting Started

Add Criteria .  Go to the stock screener and click on the Add button to enter your first line of Criteria.

Multex Screener Criteria

From the screening Categories list click on Growth Rate, and Select one of the its Variables to move it to the Criterion field and read its Variable Description. Then use the virtual KeyPad to complete your criteria, and click OK.  To add another line of Criteria, click the Add button again. [See tutorial article on Basic Stock Screening.]

Results.  The Number of companies passing the screening Criteria of each line is displayed in the Results column.  Click on the Results number to see a list of the companies and their criteria data.  To Sort click on the criteria Column Heading to sort the screening results by that heading. [See tutorial article on Evaluating Search Results.]

User Defined Variables. The{PEG Ratio} in this sample is a User Defined Variable criteria (click button), which you can create using {ProjPECurFY}/{LTGrthRtMean} from the Earnings Estimates category. Or instead, just enter in the Criterion field:  {ProjPECurFY}/{LTGrthRtMean}>.7.AND.{ProjPECurFY}/{LTGrthRtMean}<1.2 [See tutorial article on User Defined Variables.]

Multex Screener Criteria 

Save Screen Criteria .  After defining your Screen Criteria, you can click on the Save button in the top left and enter a name, e.g., NAIC: Consistent Growth & Reasonable P/E. (Note: In order to Save your screen you must sign up for the Free Multex Membership, which will also give you access to their various other member services.)

Help.  Click on the Help button on each screen for "screen specific" help. Or for the screening tutorial click on the [Learn to Use NetScreen] link at the top of the Stock Screener window. After reading the tutorials and a little practice you will soon be creating and refining your own screens!

How to Import Stock Screen Results from MultexInvestor into Investor's Toolkit

Follow these steps to export your search results from the MultexInvestor Stock Screener and to easily import the SSG (Stock Selection Guide) data for those stocks into the Investor's Toolkit version 3.x from the NAIC SSG Datafiles or the AAII Stock Investor Pro with SSG data files.  Note:  The SSG data files are available by paid subscription from NAIC or AAII. [The following steps were supplied by Doug Gerlach.]

  1. Run search query on MultexInvestor NetScreen
  2. Click Download to Spreadsheet button to export search query results data to Excel
  3. With your mouse, Copy column of Ticker symbols in Excel sheet
  4. Open Windows Notepad
  5. Paste list of Ticker symbols into Notepad
  6. Save text file (Remember location & filename!)
  7. Open Investor's Toolkit
  8. In Toolkit, select File | Import Company | NAIC Data Files
  9. Click From List button and navigate to location where saved Ticker file.
  10. Select text file containing list of ticker symbols; click OK
  11. Select *Add New Portfolio* to create new portfolio for SSGs
  12. Enter name for portfolio; click OK

SSGs will be created for all ticker symbols contained in your subscribed NAIC SSG data file database.

Investor's Toolkit Support. The steps to import a list of tickers into the new Toolkit version 4.x are very similar.  Please refer to your Toolkit program user manual or contact Inve$tWare for further Investor's Toolkit Support. You might also like to take a look at the Inve$tWare Roster of Quality Companies that have passed the Inve$tWare stock screen.

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