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Primary census abstract - Uttranchal (Book)
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Census Data Summary

This section covers the macro view of census statistics of India (2001) and the following are the key areas covered:
1.National summary Data
2.India at a glance
3.States at a glance
4.Census Data Finder
5.Projected Population
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Recommended reading :
Census and You : Series - India (Book)
Price : (Inland) Rs. 77.00
  Multi Purpose National ID Card
This project envisages preparation of a computerized National Register of Indian Citizens (NRIC), providing a unique National Identity Number (NIN) to each citizen of the country and issue of identity cards.

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  Vital Statistics
  Civil Registration System
  Vital Rates
  SRS Bulletins
Registration of births and deaths is an important source for demographic data for socio-economic development and population conatrol in developing countries.
  Plans for year ahead!
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2.District Profiles

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