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Law Co-op Education: Overview

Last modified: 03.23.07


Co-op Program
In today’s world, it is just not enough for students to leave law school knowing how to “think like a lawyer.” That is necessary, as lawyers would say, but not sufficient. Today, graduating students need to have the skills and the knowledge of the profession that enable them to hit the ground running.

The Drexel Law Co-op Program will provide a unique opportunity for law students to synthesize the legal theory learned in the classroom with the critical knowledge and professional skills learned in the field under the close supervision of experienced practitioners.  Our strong institutional commitment to integrating this program as a core part of the curriculum, along with the opportunity for students to devote most of their academic focus to their Co-op experience during the time they are participating in the program, distinguish this program from experiential programs offered by other law schools. 

The Drexel Law Co-op is being developed at one of the nation’s best co-operative education universities.  This model is being adapted to meet the specialized requirements of legal education, which prioritizes the importance of ongoing integration of the law learned inside and outside the classroom.

The Drexel Law Co-op is a two-quarter field placement that allows a student to work in a corporation, law firm, judicial office, public interest organization, or governmental agency.  Each Co-op is chosen for the quality experience that it can provide law students as part of their overall academic experience.  The Co-op supervisors will benefit from having the student with them for almost six months.  Law students will benefit from the ability to learn – over a significant period of time – not only the law of the practice area and the skills needed to succeed there, but also the knowledge of the host institution and the industries to which it belongs.

The first Co-ops will not occur until after the first year of law school, so that our students have been given the opportunity to learn foundational legal doctrines, practice fundamental skills, and understand ethical standards.  The first Co-op cycle will begin in September 2007, the second in March 2008.

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Law Co-op Education Contact Information:
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College of Law
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Phone: (215) 571-4722
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