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IBM Home Page Reader 3.04

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IBM Home Page Reader is a talking Web browser that uses speech to aid users in exploring the Internet. Home Page Reader's visual user interface and easy-to-learn keyboard navigation also make it a popular accessibility test tool for Web developers.


Home Page Reader gives users who are blind a method for putting structure around a Web page similar to what a sighted person's eyes would do — making the location and context of items easier to understand.

Standard Microsoft® Windows® key strokes are used to stop the program from speaking and to navigate through Web page elements such as links, tables and text.

This saves users time and keeps developers from having to learn new key sequences.

Speech and miscellaneous

Users can specify different voices for reading items on a Web page to provide audio cues that help distinguish what is being read.

Reading PDF and Flash

With the proliferation of PDF and Flash on the Web, users need a way to access this content. Home Page Reader provides the ability to read accessible, tagged Adobe Reader 6.0 PDF documents and accessible Macromedia Flash Player 7 content. Now, users don't have to miss valuable information.

Reading of desktop and system applications

In addition to being a Web browser, Home Page Reader includes a desktop reader that provides access to the Microsoft Windows desktop and selected system applications.

Features for users with low vision

With Home Page Reader, users with low vision can change font size, type and color to customize the way information is presented. Words and characters are highlighted as they are spoken to assist in the reading of information.

Developer help tools

For Web developers, Home Page Reader is an accessibility test tool. It supports many HTML elements, attributes and scripting that can help meet W3C HTML 4.01 specifications, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 and User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.


Home Page Reader is a powerful Web access program for users who are blind or have low vision. For developers, it's a valuable tool to test Web site accessibility. Visit to try it today.

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