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Police Story


Starring :

Jackie Chan

Maggie Cheung

Brigitte Lin

Bill Tung



Action :

Jackie Chan


Producer :

Leonard K.C. Ho


Director :

Jackie Chan





A.K.A. - Jackie Chan's Police Force

Reviewed by Phil Mills

Whilst on the trail of local crime boss Koo, the HK Police turn a routine bust turn into a catastrophe.  Thankfully, local supercop Chan Ka Kui (Chan) apprehends the suspect but his excessive use of force winds him in the middle of court proceedings.  In an attempt to rectify the situation, the police take Koo's secretary into custody in the hope that she will testify against her boss but she seems unwilling to divulge any information.  Ka Kui is assigned to protect her whilst enquiries continue so he decides to push proceedings into overdrive by staging a fake killer to scare the girl into giving evidence.  His plan backfires somewhat though when real killers turn up and force him to fight for real but at least it does the job of scaring the secretary into giving evidence.  However, Koo devises a plan to frame Ka Kui so that he is wanted by both sides of the law, destroying all credibility in any testimony.  Unable to prove his innocence and with no one at hand to help, Ka Kui takes the law into his own hands and goes after Koo in a spectacular showdown.

After his dismal attempt at an American cop movie in the form of 'The Protector', Chan decided that his next homegrown project would borrow the Police scenario to show certain directors exactly how it should be done.  The outcome was 'Police Story' - a mix of Chan's distinctive style of kung fu comedy with a very American genre that resulted in one of Chan's (and Hong Kong's) finest films to date.  Showcasing his unique brand of excessively dangerous stuntwork combined with his superb fight choreography, 'Police Story' set the benchmark for all of Chan's films to follow introducing numerous trademarks such as undertaking his own stunts and the infamous closing credit outtakes.  It also gave Chan a chance to bring his directorial skills to the forefront and prove to the audience that he could not only be responsible for action but also craft and mould an entire film production to meet his needs.

This is perhaps one of the best examples of Hong Kong cinema at it's peak as it really does have so many elements that make it the complete film, i.e. - an on-form Jackie Chan, outstanding action and top notch acting from all parties.  No doubt this is already one of the top movies for Chan fans and if by some odd twist of fate you are yet to experience it, then get it today and see why Jackie Chan is the biggest international action hero in the world.






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YesAsia.com (Box Set)




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Region:  2

Distributor:  Hong Kong Legends

Chapters:  32

Picture:  Letterboxed at 2.48:1 (altered from the original 2.35:1) with anamorphic availability.  HKL have made a noticeable improvement upon previous releases but this version is still not without faults.  Colours and brightness levels have been altered for the better and HKL have done the best they can to remove all the marks and speckles but there are times where grain and shimmering are evident.  However, this is probably due to the neglect the original print has received over the years and not HKL so this is probably the best the film will ever look on DVD.

Sound:  DD 5.1 Cantonese or English soundtracks with removable English and Dutch subtitles.

Trailers:  Original trailer and UK promo for 'Police Story' along with UK promos for 'The Big Boss', 'Fist Of Fury', 'Way Of The Dragon', 'Game Of Death', 'Once Upon A Time In China', 'In The Line Of Duty', 'Iron Monkey', 'Purple Storm', '2000 AD' and 'Iron Fisted Monk'.

Talent Files:  An animated biography for Jackie Chan that plays clips from his films whilst talking about his life.

Extras:  These include an audio commentary with Bey Logan, a photo gallery, an interview with Jackie Chan and an extended ending which also includes an alternative outtakes reel.


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Region:  0

Distributor:  Mega Star

Chapters:  9

Picture:  Letterboxed at 2.35:1.  This is a passable transfer of one of Jackie's classic films thanks to the print remaining fairly clean and the good levels of detail.  Unfortunately, the overall look is too bright in places and it suffers from a washed out look that prevents it from satisfying hardcore fans.

Sound:  DD 5.1 Cantonese and Mandarin soundtracks with removable Chinese (traditional & simplified), English, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa (Malaysia & Indonesia) and Thai subtitles.

Trailers:  'Police Story' and the Mega Star montage.

Extras:  A synopsis of the film and a cast & crew listing.


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