Two metalcore acts grow older gracefully.

The Bled/Vaux - Found In The Flood/Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice
Posted by Ted Barnes on 01-Dec-05 @ 11:39 AM

[4]/[4]Growing up in the metalcore arena isn't easy. Sure, it's okay to insert the occasional singing part, but when you abandon aggression altogether, the pit grows stagnant. The Bled's Found In The Flood shows the band toning down the brutal breakdowns of 2003's Pass The Flask for a more experimental and, believe it or not, catchy sound (just try to get the chorus from the single "My Assassin" out of your head).

Similarly, Denver's Vaux have abandoned the world of Derek Hess cover art for their major-label debut, channeling the ghosts of mid-'90s acts like Smashing Pumpkins by incorporating industrial flourishes and orchestral arrangements into their brand of driving rock. While damaged ballads like "To The Nines" may catch old-school Vaux fans off guard (ditto for the Bled's "Daylight Bombings"), this isn't the sound of a band selling out; it's just what progress sounds like. (VAGRANT/ATLANTIC) Jonah Bayer

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