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Zora Castle Zora Castle
Zoras are a sea-dwelling race from the Zelda-series. Now your Mernorns can eat them! Yay!
Subrosian Lair Subrosian Lair
Subrosians live far beneath the planet's surface. Now they've made their way upwards, ready to be eaten!
Deku Pot Deku Pot
Deku Shrubs, being half plant, half animal, spend their life underground until disturbed. This includes being eaten.
Desert Garden Desert Garden
This simple cob fertilizes the desert to make it suitable for a variety of plant life. The Cactii will die out after a while.
Swimming Mernorns Swimming Mernorns
When injected, this cob will enable certain mernorns (which you can get here) to swim! It is now updated so the females can swim, too! The swimming script itself has been improved, too.
Paintbrush Paintbrush
This wierd object will draw a purple line everywhere it goes. The line will dissapear after a while. Norns like it, but I don't like the sprites.
Fire Keese Fire Keese
These are tiny bats on fire. They make yummy hot snacks for your norns. There's a bug with these when the hand clicks them. Nothing serious, though.
Live Birth Live Birth
This cob makes all female norns give live birth, instead of laying eggs. This won't affect normal eggs. I've not tested this one a lot. It might make norns breed too fast.
Lad Lad
Lad is a very cute norn that eats and sleeps very well. He is a descendant of the Amphibious Mernorns.
Amphibious Mernorns Amphibious Mernorn Eggs
6 eggs containing Amphibious Mernorns of all kinds. They can swim using the Swimming cob and have adorable new sleep poses. Instincts and stuff were altered to make them eat and sleep better.
Various Mernons Various Mernons
6 eggs containing Original Mernorns of all kinds. No editing was done to the genomes except the appearance genes.

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