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Welcome to Blackjack's Corner, a depository for the Shadowrun related mind spasms of Branson Hagerty, the brain cell behind Blackjack's Shadowrun Page. I've been involved in the Shadowrun world since the beginning, back in the days when Seattle was where you lived, the Westwind was the car you drove, the Rapier was the bike you rode, the M22a2 was the rifle you carried, and heavy armor could be defeated only through the use of nuclear weapons. Over the years I've developed many philosophies regarding this world, its rules, its players, its ups, and its downs while most people were out in the real world getting good jobs and building meaningful relationships. Below are a few of these ideas with new ones appearing on even days of the week whose digits total up to a multiple of 3. (In other words, whenever I get around to it.) Have a blast.

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week of July 10th, 2001

Ode To The Three Ring Binder

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