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Welcome to the Shadowrun Archive

"If I didn't work on Shadowrun all day, I would hang out here."
- Mike Mulvihill

Welcome to a slightly big repository for everything Shadowrun. We have the goods, as they say...

Everything you'll find here comes from the incredible Shadowrun internet community, from ancient websites to Usenet discussion to blatant rips from the ShadowRN mailing lists. And of course, there are hundreds of submissions from fellow Shadowrunners from around the world. Thanks again to everybody for their help during all these years.

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*Karen thinks we all need to get a new CLUE.
Adam (February 23rd, 2003 )
*Having problems acessing The Archive? We are too, and we haven't tracked them down yet. If you can't seem to reach parts of The Archive, please just hit Reload in your web browser.
Adam (March 2nd, 2002 )
*No comment. I know. At least Lightfinger is back with Argh! Or How NOT to Promise the World...
The Collector (October 17th, 2001 )
*Ode To The Three Ring Binder. You won't believe where this comes from :)
The Collector (July 10th, 2001 )
*Well, we're not dead yet, and so is Karen too.
The Collector (July 2nd, 2001 )
*Easy come... read this primer from Malik. And don't forget to check the Little Black Book, with its new entry, Marcel Black.
The Collector (June 5th, 2001 )
*After quite a while, Nightlife is back with not one, but two installments. (well, it's just one, but it has a secret bonus inside)
The Collector (April 17th, 2001 )
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*Cybersoul ->
Die Seite unserer SR Gruppe, mit Regeln für den Hanfanbau, Datenblätter und Waffen
(2004-07-27 07.38.26) [Miscellaneous]
*Deckeon MUD Homepage ->
A rich and full featured MUD, Deckeon brings the best of the Shadowrun RPG right to your computer.
(2004-06-12 22.59.43) [Miscellaneous]
*Man-at-Arms ->
Mit diesem Tool kann man Waffen selber zusammen bauen, nach den Regeln aus dem Aresenal 2060. Version: 1.0 mit einigen Bugs. Bugs bitte an: cryss@casemodder.de weitergeben. ==================== With this tool it is possible to create your own weapons based on the rules of the cannon companion. bugs-included. bugs please: cryss@casemodder.de btw: the tool is in german.
(2003-07-24 09.12.06) [Programs (Windows)]
*ShadowMud - Shadowrun MUD in the making ->
ShadowMud is being developed in VB 6. ShadowMud will be a codebase for any genre of MUD, but I am personally coding it for Shadowrun.
(2003-04-29 00.28.05) [Programs (Internet)]
*The Shadowrun Altar ->
A little area on my site for my SR works.
(2003-03-23 16.46.12) [Miscellaneous]

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