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Vanscoy, Saskatchewan

Vanscoy Potash Operations, located 32 km SW of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, produces:

  • Premium Granular Grade Potash
  • Premium Coarse Grade Potash
  • Standard Grade Potash

 North American growers demand the premium grade potash. While standard grade potash is primarily sold to offshore markets, demand is increasing for the premium grade product.

Vanscoy produces 1,790,000 metric tonnes of potash annually.


The ore body at Vanscoy is located approximately one kilometre below the surface. In order to reach the ore, the mine shafts have to go through:

  • 80 metres of glacial deposit,
  • 440 metres of shale,
  • 120 metres of water-bearing sandstone (the Blairmore formation),
  • 420 metres of limestone, and
  • 15 metres of salt.

The mine is like a small underground city, with personnel traveling the roadways in a fleet of rugged 4 x 4s. Ore is mined on four different faces of the ore body, and various mechanical and maintenance shops are situated in the mine to quickly and efficiently deal with equipment repairs and overhauls.

The mine now covers about 77 sq. km. The stratum being mined is 3.3 metres thick and extends for over 300 km in an east-west direction and 150 km in a north-south direction.

The orebody has reserves that will sustain current production rates for 100 years.

Vanscoy Storage Facility can store 180,000 metric tonnes of dry product.

Access is by rail and truck.