Toyopet Crown
the car which laid the foundation of today's prosperity

- 3-years repairs after floods -

SPCIt is said that when Sakichi Toyota of Toyoda Automatic Loom visited the U.S. in 1910, he saw mass-produced Model-T Ford cars and was interested in automobile production. He introduced the first experimental car in 1935 and the next year, `Toyoda' was changed to 'Toyota,' which was registered as an official trademark. In 1938, Koromo Plant was completed and in 1959, Koromo City changed its name to Toyota City. Toyota has become one of the best car makers in the world in a half century and the same thing could be said of Japan.

SPCToyopet Crown RS of this Museum was manufactured in 1958, but this type had been already produced since January, 1955. Deluxe RSD of this type was introduced in December. Its windshield has a bar and not many cars of this type remain today.

SPCWhile Nissan, Hino, and Isuzu joined hands with Austin, Renault, Hillman respectively, Toyota pursued domestic production. It is no exaggeration to say that Toyopet is the car which enabled Toyota to hold a dominant position in the Japanese market by mass production and high quality for the first time and which laid the foundations of today's Toyota.

SPCThe car in the photo was first used by the municipal office of Nariwa-cho, Okayama Prefecture in 1958, later by Nariwa Town Hospital and then by Mr.Kazuo Taniguchi in Bicchu-cho. On July 12, 1972, however, the floods caused by heavy rain wiped out houses in the lower reaches of the Nariwa River and the only asset left at Taniguchi's house was this 1958 Toyopet Crown.

SPCAfter the floods, this Museum got the muddy Toyopet Crown and spent three years in repairing it. At the opening of Seto-Ohashi bridge on April 10, 1988, this car took part in the first crossing together with other 20 cars. The interior of the lower half of the doors was rotten with nothing left. A lawsuit over the discharge of water from the Shin-Nariwa River Dam is still under trial between Chugoku Electric Power and local residents. This incident proved that we could repair the car even when it was completely soaked in water if we tried hard.