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  November, 08, 2005 engl | russ 
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New Decrees of President CHRI

The new Decrees of the President of CHRI A-KH Sadulaev in connection with the assignment of Honourable Consuls of CHRI in some European countries and in connection with the new head of the Press-service of President of CHRI arrived to the address of Chechenpress from the Press-service...

Security officers have started the next genocide against peoples of Northern Caucasus

After successfully carried out operation of fighters of the Caucasian front against national-traitors and their helpers in city of Nalchik, president Putin, completely losing control above North Caucasian colonies, has made decision to start a total genocide of practically all peoples living in southern areas of Russian empire. And no matter...

"They inspire associates with spirit of freedom"

As informs "Gazeta.ru", the employees of central telechannels have received new guidelines to bring used terms into accord with a general line of the Kremlin. In the Soviet past, this action had its title, like " making a note in a notebook of the agitator and propagandist". The list of terms in a statement of "Gazeta" looks as follows...

 Terrorists from FSB prepare for the next political murder
 Pandoras box with a double bottom
 "Gentlemen hackers, you are making terrible future for Russia!"
 The appeal of President of CHRI in connection with the end of sacred month Ramadan

Ideology of Caucasians – freedom

The scandals do not cease among the leaders of marionette regime in Chechnya, but in the terrorist formations controlled to them grew the opposition, caused by fight for influence and redistribution of financial flows out of Moscow...

When Russia leaves from the Caucasus

As is known, the leaders of the leading western countries condemned the operations of the mujahadeen in Beslan and Nalchik, and as answer to these censures, in Kabardino-Balkari continue the drama with charges and slaughters of all who more or less refers to Islam. However, the word of censure...

Jamaats "shariat": Our purpose - establishment of the validity

Today, when Moslem umma wakes up from the sleep, are near, inshaAlla, that day, when is created really shariat state. Specifically, for this purpose is conducted jihad as the highest form of fight on the way of Allah. However, many Moslems do not always correctly understand purposes and problems, stated for Jamaats...

Will touch the bird influenza to the Russian authority, which has hen brains?
The people and the mujahadeen are unified!
Democratic Satanism. There performs on tour the exhibition of the corpses in Russia


The Sabre "Wolf"

A. P. Ippolitov, who had served in the Chechen Republic for many years (the Argun district), wrote in 1868, "The blades with portrayal of two wolf heads in them... are called tersmeimul by Chechens and are considered to be the best and most valuable"...

The sources of the dance of Vainahs

This dance should mean something, should it? In fact originally all dances of the world had semantic loading, were components of sacral ceremonialism, reflection of spiritual culture of the people...

The Chechen war in questions and answers

Military adventure in the Chechen Republic by the right constantly stays in the center of attention both Russian, and world community. Thus, as well as right at the beginning, and now, it still continues to remain unclear of the true purposes and tasks...


The announcement
"Adolescent fire" has been spread beyond the bounds of Paris
Nalchik: The known oppositionist Ruslan Nahushev got lost in torture chambers of "FSB"
The head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of CHRI U.Ferzauli arrived to visit Norway
Ali Asaev was appointed as the representative of CHRI in Azerbaijan
The group of invaders were undermined in Itum-kalinsk area
Putinists have decided to destroy the right protecting organization "the Society of the Russian - Chechen friendship"
ASP of CHRI demands from Dutchs to imprison Putin
Prisoners kept symbols of Ichkeria in a mutinous colony of Kirghizia
The warriors of AF of CHRI have blown up the group of terrorists in the capital of the country
The Chechen on a motor vehicle has crashed down the invader in Jokhar
Ingushetia: Chastisers kidnapped the local resident in Troitsk
There have been kidnapped 116 persons in the country for one month
When Russia leaves from Caucasus
Alkhanov admitted, that the Russian bands kidnap citizens of Ichkeria
The next fighting operations of warriors of AF CHRI in Jokhar
Russian forces lift a hand against mothers of Nalchik
There was an unequal fight in Shatojsk area
The base station of one of cellular operators was undermined in the capital of Ingushetia
The lorry with terrorists was undermined in Kurchaloevsk area
The bases of occupational forces have been fired in Naursk and Itum-Kalinsk areas
On the surburb Azamat-Jurt five aggressors are destroyed and wounded


The announcement of Presiden of CHRI A.-KH.Sadulaev
The appeal of President of CHRI A.-KH. Sadulaev in connection with begining of Sacred month Ramadan
Russian terror on video
The review of 316-th week of war
President of CHRI has appointed the first deputy minister of Education and Science Iusupov Ilman
The decree of President of CHRI
ATC of CHRI publishes the list of leaders of "troops of death"
Decrees of the President of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria A.-KH. Sadulaev
The application of Administration of President of CHRI


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