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The Merit Award

The valuable data processed and distributed by the AAVSO to astronomers throughout the world is obtained from volunteer observers. Their constant watch over variable stars is a satisfying activity which results in a genuine contribution to astronomy. There are many observers whose contributions to the AAVSO have gone beyond observing to other activities as well. The Association shows its gratitude to such individuals by presenting them with a Merit Award, an illuminated scroll and citation listing their contributions. This award is presented to any member who, by majority vote of the AAVSO Council, is deemed to have made an outstanding contribution as an observer, or as a long-standing benefactor. The following is a list giving the names of the AAVSO Merit Award recipients together with the citations inscribed on their award.

38) 2006 - Louis Cohen
"... in recognition of his outstanding service as Treasurer and as a trusted, steady advisor to the Directors throughout a period of fiscal and administrative uncertainty; and his guidance in reinvesting and restructuring the AAVSO's endowments, assuring the Association's financial security. His excellence in service, volunteerism, willingness to share knowledge and mentor observers, and his valued observations exemplify the ideals of the AAVSO."

Martha Hazen and Arne Henden
Arne presents Martha Hazen with the 37th Merit Award.

37) 2005 - Martha L. Hazen
"... in recognition of her outstanding service to the AAVSO during many years as Councilor, President, and Secretary, recognizing that she always reflected wisely on the long-term needs of the association and its members and offered sound counsel, especially to the presidents and the Director, and technical support to AAVSO observers while assisting in many other ways."

QuickTime movie of Award Presentation to Martha Hazen (10 MB)

Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams earns the AAVSO Merit Award in 1995.
36) 1995 - Thomas R. Williams
"..in recognition of his strong and dedicated leadership as AAVSO President and Council Member, his extensive research into the history of amateur astronomers' contributions to astronomy and the AAVSO, and his support of and many contributions to the goals of the Association, including his tireless and productive efforts as Chair of the AAVSO Futures Study Group."

35) 1993 - John R. Percy
"..in recognition of his service as Council Member since 1982; as President from 1989 to 1991; his significant contributions to the AAVSO Photoelectric Photometry Program, including ten years as Editor of its Newsletter; as Co-Editor of the Proceedings of the First AAVSO European Meeting; and his tireless promotion of variable star astronomy and the AAVSO in the astronomical community."

34) 1993 - Charles A. Whitney
"..in recognition of over eighteen years of service as Editor of the Journal of the AAVSO; his leadership and thoughtful contributions to marked improvements in the content, appearance, and production of the Journal during that period; his efforts to fund and produce special editions of the Journal; and his continuous support of the goals of the AAVSO."

33) 1991 - Theodore H. N. Wales
"...in recognition of his loyalty and devotion to the Association, his untiring support in financial management and advice in over twelve years of service as AAVSO Treasurer, and his many other contributions to the Association as a member of the Council and a volunteer at Headquarters."

32) 1988 - Edward A. Halbach
"...in recognition of his outstanding record of over 50,000 observations contributed during 54 years of faithful AAVSO membership, his long-standing devotion to the ideals and purposes of the Association, his generous contribution of time and effort in constructing essential office furniture at the new Headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and his valuable work in the preparation of charts."

31) 1987 - Carolyn J. Hurless — (posthumously)
"...in recognition of her great devotion to the AAVSO and its aims and purposes; her outstanding contribution of over 79,000 observations; her services as AAVSO Council member for several terms and as Vice President from 1967 to 1973; her institution and editorship of the informal publication Variable Views ; her correspondence encouraging new observers overseas, establishing her as an international ambassador of good will among variable star observers; and her boundless enthusiasm for observing variable stars which she transmitted to others."

30) 1987 - Howard J. Landis
"...in recognition of his long-standing, supportive membership; his extensive contributions of photoelectric observations; his Chairmanship of the Photoelectric Photometry Committee; his valuable encouragement of new observers/photometrists; his assistance in computerizing AAVSO photometric data; and his services as AAVSO Council member for several terms."

29) 1987 -Arthur J. Stokes
"...in recognition of his long-standing, faithful membership; his contributions as a pioneer in the establishment of the AAVSO Photoelectric Photometry Committee, serving as Chairman of this Committee for over ten years, preparing the Observing Manual for photoelectric photometry work, and organizing observing programs; and his services as AAVSO Council member for several terms, and as AAVSO President from 1983 to 1985."

28) no award

27) 1986 - F. Lancaster Hiett
"...in recognition of his faithful membership since 1936, his devotion to and support of the goals of the Association, and his continuous observing record for fifty years resulting in over 90,000 observations of variable stars."

26) 1986 - M. Daniel Overbeek
"...in recognition of his dedicated devotion to observing variable stars in the southern sky since 1952 resulting in over 70,000 observations of variable stars, his excellent guidance of many variable star observers in South Africa, and his valuable service on the AAVSO Council."

Edward Oravec
Edward Oravec receives the Merit Award in 1985.
25) 1986 - Thomas A. Cragg
"...in recognition of his 41 years of active membership, his Chairmanship of the AAVSO Cepheid Committee, his valuable service on the AAVSO Council, and his dedicated observing since 1945, yielding over 109,000 observations of variable stars."

24) 1985 - Edward G. Oravec
"...in recognition of his faithful membership since 1946, his valuable service as Councillor and President, and his continuous dedicated observing since 1942, yielding over 120,000 observations of variable stars."

23) 1983 - John E. Bortle
"...in recognition of his twenty years of active membership, his long observing record for the AAVSO, his valuable service on the AAVSO Council and Committees, and for his work in instituting and editing the AAVSO Circular since 1970."

22) 1981 - Charles E. Scovil
"...in recognition of his outstanding work as the preparer of the AAVSO Variable Star Atlas, his long service in the photography and determination of sequences for the new "AAVSO Variable Star Atlas", his contributions as President, Associate Editor of the Journal of the AAVSO, and Co-Editor of the AAVSO Circular, his long and valuable observing record, and his faithful devotion to the ideals of the Association."

Charles Scovil
Charles Scovil receives the Merit Award in 1981.

21) 1980 - Marvin E. Baldwin
"...in recognition of his eighteen years of active membership, his long observing record, his valuable direction of the AAVSO Committees on Eclipsing Binary and RR Lyrae type variable stars, and his two terms of loyal service as President of the Association."

20) 1971 - Richard H. Davis
"...his untiring loyalty and devotion to the Association, his competent and faithful service as treasurer for the past ten years, his valuable legal counsel, and his service to the Solar Division."

19) 1965 - Ralph N. Buckstaff
"...in recognition of his outstanding service to astronomy, his many years with this Association as Officer and observer, and his contribution to the scientific life of his community and state."

18) 1965 - Curtis E. Anderson
"...in recognition of his outstanding observational contribution to the study of variable stars, and for the statistical history of the AAVSO, and his constant drive to acquaint young people with the mysteries of the stars."

17) 1962 - Richard W. Hamilton
"...in recognition of his faithful devotion to the interests of the Association for over twenty-five years, of his loyal services as President, and especially of his untiring efforts as Curator and Distributor of Variable Star Charts."

16) 1961 - Clinton B. Ford
"...in grateful appreciation of his moral and material support during trying times, his long observing record, and his service as Secretary and President. Through his efforts the Endowment Fund has been established on a firm foundation."

15) 1961 - Reginald P. de Kock
"...whose constant vigilance of the morning and evening sky resulted in an invaluable contribution of over 100,000 observations of variable stars in the southern sky."

14) 1956 - Margaret W. Mayall and R. Newton Mayall
"For their unfailing devotion to the ideals and interests of the Association during its recent years of great trial, and for their combined efforts in completing the Leon Campbell Memorial Volume "Studies of Long Period Variables."

13) 1954 - Roy A. Seely
"In recognition of his faithful devotion to the interests of the Association for over thirty years; of his loyal services as President and Secretary; and especially of his untiring efforts in producing new variable star charts."

12) 1954 - Percy Witherell

11) 1951 - David W. Rosebrugh
".....Eleventh Merit Award to DAVID W. ROSEBRUGH, who has devoted untold hours to the visual observation of variable stars and to administrative duties during his term as secretary and president of the Association."

10) 1951 - Harlow Shapley
".....Tenth Merit Award to HARLOW SHAPLEY on the occasion of his thirtieth year as Director of the Harvard College Observatory and guiding light of the Association, and for his international recognition in the field of variable stars."

9) 1948 - Cyrus F. Fernald
".....Ninth Merit Award to CYRUS F. FERNALD, who has made outstanding observational contributions to the study of variable stars, and who has done much to maintain the continuity of the light curves, especially during the recent war years."

8) 1944 - Leon Campbell
".....Eighth Merit Award to LEON CAMPBELL, Recorder and Pickering Memorial Astronomer, who by his devotion to the work of the Association has made outstanding contributions to the field of variable star astronomy."

7) 1943 - Charles W. Elmer
".....Seventh Merit Award to CHARLES W. ELMER who by his long continued service and devotion to the activities of the Association has greatly furthered its work on the problems of stellar variation."

6) 1942 - Dalmiro Francis Brocchi
".....Sixth Merit Award to DALMIRO FRANCIS BROCCHI, a variable star observer for many years and a cartographer whose handiwork will long continue to be indispensable for the work of all observers."

5) 1938 - David B. Pickering
".....Fifth Merit Award to DAVID B. PICKERING in appreciation of his long leadership in developing the Association, standardizing its methods, and through travels and writing spreading the gospel of international good will and cooperation in scientific work."

4) 1937 - Eugene H. Jones
".....Fourth Merit Award to EUGENE H. JONES, who by his devotion to astronomy and his achievements as an observer has reached heights of accomplishment outstanding in the history of variable star research."

3) 1936 - William Tyler Olcott
".....Third Merit Award to WILLIAM TYLER OLCOTT, the Founder and Life Secretary of our Association whose words and writing and patient guidance have led many to know and love the stars."

2) 1936 - Rev. Tilton C. H. Bouton
".....Second Merit Award to REV. TILTON C. H. BOUTON. For almost a quarter of a century an assiduous observer of variable stars. His zeal and his loyalty to the Association have been inspiration to his fellow members."

1) 1934 - Leslie C. Peltier
"The American Association of Variable Star Observers presents its First Merit Award to LESLIE C. PELTIER. His faithful and untiring service has placed him in the front ranks of variable star observers and his discoveries have won him international fame."

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