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Now you can have a water activation system that will effect

every aspect of your life that water influences.

We at Aqua Life Products Limited appreciate the important contribution water makes to the general health and well being of all life. Established in 1993, Aqua Life Products Limited exists as the result of our initial desire to obtain a source of good drinking water. We found that source, and more, in our discovery of

Natural Water Activation Technology ™

Exposed to a duplication of vortexes and natural frequencies, water introduced to
Natural Water Activation Technology ™

is quickly reminded, at a basic level, of its true nature.

The water then begins to restore, to itself, its own native abilities.

In short, Natural Water Activation Technology ™ sets up a communication with the water and the water, in turn, responds to that communication. Having restored and restructured itself upon exposure to an activation unit, the change in the water is usually found to be dramatic and therefore quite noticeable.

While we do not advocate Natural Water Activation Technology ™ as a "cure all" for water we do know, from the many user reports, that it has substantial, significant benefits in the restoration of water.

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