A*CENSUS, the first truly comprehensive nationwide survey of the archival profession, was fielded in early May 2004. Provided below is background information as we prepared for the survey, as well as A*CENSUS results to date. We expect to have the final A*CENSUS report available in the Summer of 2005.

Preparing for A*CENSUS

Participating Associations for A*CENSUS

For an overview of the A*CENSUS project, see
A*CENSUS Working Group Breaks New Ground

To read the A*CENSUS grant proposal that was funded by IMLS, see A*CENSUS Proposal (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions about A*CENSUS

A*CENSUS Working Group

A*CENSUS Results

Background for Interpreting A*CENSUS Results

  • A*CENSUS Survey Questions is provided as a reference for users of the data.
  • A*CENSUS Background and Technical Notes provides information that is important to understanding the survey process and interpreting the data. It describes who participated in the process, the project timetable, development of the mailing list, the response rate, and details on how results are being calculated for specific questions.
  • Methodology Report was prepared by MSI Research, the survey research firm that developed and delivered both the online and the paper survey instruments.
  • Responses from Archival Association Members provides, for most of the archival associations in the United States, the number of members on the mailing lists supplied to the A*CENSUS project, the number of individuals who indicated that they were members of the associations, and a response rate calculated from these figures.

Presentations from "A Sense of A*CENSUS" Session
SAA Annual Meeting, New Orleans
August 19, 2005

A-CENSUS Data Tabulated by State

Preliminary Reports

Although the full final report will not be released until Winter 2006, we plan to issue a series of preliminary reports to provide broad-scale access to A*CENSUS data as soon as possible.

Final Report

We expect to submit a final A*CENSUS report in late November 2006. In addition to a general analysis, the final report will feature special reports in five key areas:

  • Graduate Education (prepared by Elizabeth Yakel and Jeannette Bastian)
  • Continuing Education (prepared by Nancy Zimmelman)
  • Diversity (prepared by Brenda Banks)
  • Leadership (prepared by Susan Davis)
  • Certification (prepared by Anne Diffendal)

Public Use Data File

We are working on a public use version of the A*CENSUS data which will be made available to anyone who would like to do analysis of the results on their own. We expect it to be available in early 2005.


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