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Company and Culture:

* Worldwide sales $7.98B

* 11,963 employees worldwide

* Stock Price Range: $65 – $24 1/4

* Shipped 3.3 million Macintosh systems

* John Sculley resigned in October, 1993

* Apple AV Technologies – speech recognition, text-to-speech, video and telephone capabilities – incorporated into Macintosh systems

* Established AppleSoft division

* Apple ships the ten-millionth Macintosh computer.

* QuickTime multimedia software shipments pass the one-millionth mark and more than 500 QuickTime applications have been announced by independent developers.

* During the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple demonstrates a prototype Macintosh computer running on an 80 MHz PowerPC 601 processor, achieving a new performance level in the industry. The company also demonstrates PowerPC-compatibility with existing Macintosh applications software.

* Michael Spindler, formerly Apple's president and COO, is appointed CEO. John Sculley continues as Apple's chairman.

* Apple announces it will restructure the company cover the next 12 months to accelerate earnings growth. About 2,500 workers worldwide will be laid-off.

* Corporate: Revenue for the fourth fiscal quarter was $2.14 billion, the highest quarterly sales level ever achieved by the company. Unit shipments of Macintosh computers grew 36 percent, also reaching a new quarterly high.

* John Sculley announces his resignation from Apple Computer. A.C. (Mike) Markkula is elected Apple's new chairman.

* Apple streamlines product lines, announces a host of new Macintosh computer models that cost less, improves the performance of mid-range models, and continues to drop prices on many models.

* After 17 years of active duty and 5 million units shipped, the Apple II product line is quietly discontinued. The Washington Post marks the event with an appreciation column, "One Good Apple: A Farewell to the Marvel at the Core of the PC Boom"

* PowerBook notebook computer sales top one million mark.

Executive Staff:

Michael Spindler (President/CEO); Joe Graziano (EVP/CFO); Ian Diery (EVP/GM, Personal Computer Division); Dan Eilers (President/CEO, Claris Corporation); Fred Forsyth (SVP/GM, Worldwide Operations); Dave Nagel (SVP/GM, AppleSoft Division); Soren Olsson (SVP/President, Apple Europe); Kevin Sullivan (SVP, Human Resources); Gaston Bastiaens (VP/GM, Personal Interactive Electronics Division); John Floisand (VP/President, Apple Pacific); Robert Lauridsen (VP, Corporate Development); Jeanne Seeley (VP Finance/Controller); Ed Stead (VP/General Counsel/Assistant Secretary); Morris Taradalsky (VP/GM, Apple Business Systems Division)

Hardware Products:

* Newton MessagePad Communications Assistant

* Macintosh® PowerBook 165c, 180c and PowerBook Duo™ 270c

* New printers for multivendor computing environments

* Macintosh® Performa line

* Macintosh Color Classic

* Macintosh® IIvx

* Macintosh® Quadra 605

* Macintosh® Quadra 610 (PC)

* Macintosh® Quadra 630

* Macintosh® Quadra 650

* Macintosh® Quadra 660AV

* Macintosh® Quadra 800

* Macintosh® 840AV

* Macintosh® Quadra 950

* Macintosh® Centris 660AV

* Macintosh TV

* Macintosh® PowerBook

* Personal LaserWriter® NTR

* Apple OneScanner™ for Windows

* Apple delivers VITAL Technical Architecture Guides for corporate information systems planning and development.

* Apple introduces LaserWriter Pro workgroup laser printers, StyleWriter II personal printer, Apple Color Printer and Apple Color OneScanner

* Apple introduces the Apple Workgroup Server 60, 80 and 95 and AppleSearch, a powerful new information access and retrieval service for Macintosh workgroups.

* Apple announces the PowerCD, a portable CD-ROM drives that plays CD-ROM, Photo CD and audio compact discs, at Hannover Fair.

* Apple announces the Macintosh Quadra 840AV and Macintosh Centris 660AV which integrate telecommunications, video and speech technologies on a desktop computer for the first time.

* Apple introduces the Newton MessagePad handheld communications assistant at Macworld in Boston. 50,000 units are sold in the first 10 weeks.

* PhotoFlash is introduced at the Seybold conference in San Francisco that simplifies the process of getting photos into documents.

* Apple announces Macintosh TV, a product that combines an Apple Macintosh computer, television and CD-ROM stereo system into one compact, low-priced unit.

Software Products:

* Macintosh® System 7 Pro

* OpenDoc™

* Software Dispatch™ CD-ROM

* WorldScript™

* Apple ships QuickDraw GX, its enhanced imaging services for System 7 system software to more than 15,000 Apple developers.

* PowerOpen OS

* Apple introduces ColorSync color matching architecture

* Apple introduces AppleDesign Powered speakers, the first speakers designed by a computer company specifically for users of computer and multimedia technology.

* Apple introduces Open Database Connectivity software developers kit that enables Macintosh developer to build applications and drivers using Microsoft ODBC.

* Apple ships the final beta-test version of its Apple Open Collaboration Environment AOCE software. PowerTalk(tm) and PowerShare(tm), the first products based on AOCE, enable network users to exchange electronic mail and documents.

* Apple announces new Apple Remote Access products allow individuals or workgroups to easily access information and services remotely over a variety of connections, ranging from telephone lines to cellular links.


* Apple demonstrates early version of Newton at the Winter CES in Las Vegas

* Apple introduces several new products at Macworld Tokyo, including: Macintosh Color Classic, Macintosh LC III, Macintosh Centris 610 and 650, Macintosh Quadra 800, PowerBook 165c, and the LaserWriter Select 300 and 310 laser printers. This is the first time Apple launches major products from a venue outside U.S.

* Apple announces the first product to be sold by both Apple and IBM – the SNAps 5250 terminal emulator for IBM AS/400 system

* International Data Corporation ranks Apple as the #2 personal computer vendor in Japan, behind the market leader NEC.

* As part of a strategy to make Newton an industry standard, Apple begins licensing key technologies to other companies, including Sharp Corporation, Motorola, Siemens.

* The first PowerPC 601 processor is released by Motorola running at 50 MHz, 66 MHz and 80 MHz.

* Apple reveals plans to make it possible for Macintosh software services and applications software to run on UNIX systems. Apple will collaborate with other Open Systems vendors consortia.

* In a historic meeting, Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Computer, meets with Poland's President Lech Walesa, the former leader of the "Solidarity" movement. Woz, whose grandparents emigrated from Poland to the U.S., presents President Walesa with a Macintosh PowerBook.

* Apple launches Software Dispatch, a 24-hour delivery system that lets Windows and Macintosh customers choose from more than 80 software applications on CD-ROM.

* Motorola delivers first silicon of the PowerPC 603, the second member of the PowerPC family of chips designed jointly by Apple, IBM and Motorola.

* Ingram Laboratories test results find that many new Macintosh computer models outperform comparably priced DOS systems running Windows 3.1.

* The Newton MessagePad receives top product awards from PC Magazine, PC LapTop Computers Magazine, Fortune, Byte, Popular Science and Reseller Management magazines.

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