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5 April 2007
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How was the name Walford chosen?
How was Walford named?
Albert Square sign
The originators of the programme, Julia Smith and Tony Holland came up with the name Walford. Tony was keen for the name to sound like Walthamstow, because of family connections. So they combined "Wal" with the suffix "ford" which is found throughout Essex.
How about the number of the borough?
Albert Square sign
The East End boroughs go in alphabetical order from 1 to 18. East 19 sounded clumsy, and so East 20 was chosen because it had a more rounded feeling to it.
Do the street names have any significance?
George Street
During their early research, the programme makers read that the East End had once been the haunt of notorious highwaymen, including Dick Turpin. So they chose "Turpin Road".
Bridge Street market
The fictional Albert Square was built in the time of Queen Victoria, and so it was named after her husband. "Bridge Street" was chosen because it connects the Square to the market. "Daisy Lane" near the police station was named after Steven Keogh's daughter (Series Designer). "George Street" has no particular significance.
What's the significance of place names?
Find out more about the significance of place names, plant names and even hurricane names!

Backstage Facts
Lacey Turner (Stacey) originally auditioned for a part in the Miller family.

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