Looking for Dog Training in Austin, Texas?  Here are 10 reasons why you should choose Buddy's Chance Dog Training!

1)     Our training works!  Here is what some of our clients have to say:

"Buddy's Chance is a miracle worker.  If you have a dog that barks for NO REASON, call Cara!  If you have major potty issues, call Cara!  If your dog has socialization issues (doesn't do well with other dogs, barks at EVERY PERSON IT SEES), CALL CARA! . . . Buddy's Chance takes the time to listen to your problems . . . I would recommend Buddy's Chance to anyone needing help with their pooch!" Holly M., Austin, Texas.                                                     

"Brilliant Dog Trainer.  My rescued Jack Russel Terrier had serious behavioral issues. We live downtown and when he saw another dog a block away he would go beserk and bite me to put him down so he could try to attack the "intruder" -even Great Danes! Cara showed me how to train him to "watch my face" when he sees another dog. After only 2 months we can now sit at sidewalk cafes with other dogs at the next table and he doesn't even notice them. Wow!" Creston F., Austin, Texas.  (Grainger, shown to the left in his orange hunting coat, can now sit outside his owner's apartment on a busy downtown Austin street and watch the world go by without displaying aggressive behaviors).

 You can read more reviews posted on Citysearch here.


2)     We are convenient and flexible to fit your schedule and busy life.

  • The more often you're able to attend classes, the more successful you'll be in training your dog.  We've designed our program to make it as easy as possible for you to attend class.  In our program, you purchase a set number of classes and then have several months to use them so you're not missing classes (and wasting money!) when work crisis and family vacations arise.

3)     We meet or exceed veterinary behaviorists' recommendations for selecting a dog trainer.

  • Dog Training is not a regulated industry and it's difficult to know which trainer to choose.  These guidelinese are designed to help the public make an informed decision.

4)     We base our training on proven, science-based methods that have stood the test of time.

  • Fads, myths, and misinformation abound in dog training - we help you stear clear of these methods and use what truly works!

5)     We belong to a number of professional organizations that have both ethical guidelines and continuing education requirements for us to meet. 

  • Because Dog Trainers are not regulated by any central agency, membership in professional organizations can indicate a professional, responsible trainer - the kind of trainer you want to work with!

6)     We are recommended by and work with numerous area veterinarians and rescue organizations.

  • The veterinarians we work with could choose from any number of Austin area dog trainers - we're pleased that so many have chosen to work with us.

7)     Most of our classes are taught by a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant.

  • Certification from a neutral, third party organization ensures that you're working with a trainer who has met the required experience and education requirements. 

8)    We are committed to helping you live a better life with your dog.

  • We work hard to ensure that you succeed with your dog!

9)     We teach you invaluable, lifesaving commands. 

  • Many of our clients come back and tell us that the Emergency Recall we taught them saved their dog's life.  Your dog will also learn a Leave-It cue so that you can easily redirect your dog if he or she is getting into something dangerous like chemicals or a dead squirrel.

10    We're going to teach you, the owner, how to train your dog.

  • It is important for you to walk away with skills that will last for your dog's lifetime, not just a few months.  This is what you'll get when you come to Buddy's Chance.



We're able to help Austin dog owners with chewing, barking, jumping up, housetraining or housebreaking, pulling on leash, growling, resource guarding, and more advanced behavior problems such as lunging at other dogs on leash, aggression, separation anxiety, and phobias.

We also carry a variety of treats and dog training tools, including the Easy Walk Harness, Infin8 Head Halter, and Martingale Collars.  Please note that our store hours vary because we may be out working with private clients.  Please call me if you'd like to stop by!  You can contact me at 512-636-3793 or email us at Pack@BuddysChance.com.



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