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Soft coral atlas of the Great Barrier Reef


The Soft Coral Atlas of the Great Barrier Reef contains distribution maps, detailed ecological information and colour photographs of the 36 most common genera of soft corals and sea fans (Alcyonacea, Octocorallia) found on the Great Barrier Reef. 

This Atlas is written in Adobe Acrobat. You can view the demo-version which contains a cut-down version of a few representative pages, or you can download and save or print the 57-pp version (the zipped file is 5.2 MB in size).


The following files are in Adobe Corp. PDF format. To view these files you will need Acrobat Reader v3.0 or later from Adobe Corp.

Get Acrobat Reader

Demo file
-Soft coral atlas demo - PDF file (500Kb)

Download full version
-Soft coral atlas
- Zip file (5Mb)

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-Soft corals and sea fans 


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