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Looking South along Corsham High Street

Looking South along Corsham High Street

Corsham is a smallish town (The population was only 10,549 at the last Census, but is considerably more than that now.) in the County of Wiltshire, England and located about 8 miles east of the Georgian City of Bath.

It may not be very large, but it is in the middle of a very interesting and historic area. There are also some quite well known people who call this area home.

Corsham even has its own stately home - Corsham Court. This has been the home of the Methuen family since 1745 and can trace its history back to 1582.

One of the Corsham Peacocks

Not only is it the home of the Methuens, but it is also the home of a fair number of peacocks, which are almost a trademark of Corsham. Walking around the town centre you are quite likely to see one or two of them wandering around!

This is not a site that concentrates on the details of daily life, but is more concerned with the things which I think make the area an interesting place to live.

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