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Seeing is Believing

Since its perhaps surprising acceptance as a surveillance device within the intelligence community, Remote Viewing has gone through a transformation to become part of the New Age toolkit. Mark Blacklock visits one of RV’s elder statesmen in the USA.

At the Monroe Institute in Virginia, non-local consciousness is a reality. Ditto life after death. Out-of-body experiences occur on a daily basis and in the labs they’re conducting research into the reported collapse of sub-atomic randomness during periods when human consciousness is focused on particular events. Oh yes, and you can learn Remote Viewing techniques from alumni of the US military psychic spying programmes. It seems fair to say that it’s not your average rural retreat.

As F Holmes ‘Skip’ Atwater, Research Director at the Institute and, from 1977 to 1987, Operations and Training Officer for the Army Intelligence Branch of the US government’s RV programme, points out: “A week-long cruise in the Bahamas is about the same price as a week-long cruise in consciousness.”

The Institute emerged out of the experimental work of Robert Monroe (pictured below), a radio producer and television executive, who had become interested in human consciousness research in the late 1950s, when he began having what would come to be termed ‘out-of-body-experiences’. His first thought was that he was suffering some sort of mental illness. When his doctor could find nothing wrong with him, Monroe decided to investigate the matter himself, setting up a small research programme within his company to look into the feasibility of learning during sleep.

According to Monroe’s official biography: “In the ensuing years, Mr Monroe and his group began work on means and methods of inducing and controlling this and other forms of consciousness in their laboratory. As specialists in creating patterns of effective sound, they used this base for their research.”

By 1974, the set-up had been christened the Monroe Institute, and by 1975 Monroe’s researchers had discovered (and patented) Hemi-Sync audio technology.

Exterior of the Monroe Institute

The genteel Blue Ridge Mountain range in south east Virginia is steeped in history. Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson lies in the Piedmont foothills nearby; President James Monroe lived on the Ash-Lawn Highland Estate near Charlottesville and James Madison lived in the city itself. Within a 150-mile radius of Washington DC and rising above the surrounding seats of Federal and military government, this American paradise has long attracted the wealthy and well-to-do, while tourists come from all over the States to see the colourful display put on by the autumn trees, when all around the hills are covered in russet and brown leaves. Visitors can hike along the southern stretch of the Appalachian Trail, stopping by one of the numerous orchards to pick their own apples. The temperatures stay in the 20s and 30s Celcius until mid-October. When the temperatures do drop in winter, the luxury Wintergreen Ski Resort keeps the holidaymakers coming.

But none of this can quite match what’s on offer at the Monroe Institute.

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From FT 186
August 2004

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Mark Blacklock is a freelance writer who would prefer to lie in bed and Remote View all his stories, but sometimes he is forced to go out into the field in the name of journalism.



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