The clash concluded, the dust cleared and the silvery locks of the WWE Chairman were shaved completely from his head live from his own creation, WrestleMania 23. Then, when it seemed that all hell had already been raised, Austin gave Donald Trump his receipt for the downpour of cold hard cash that fell from the ceiling of Ford Field earlier on – in the form of a Stone Cold Stunner.

Selecting Intercontinental Champion Umaga as his representative and employing his own son, Shane, as his back-up plan, Mr. McMahon seemed to have come to Detroit prepared for the Battle of the Billionaires. His master plan, however, would not take into account the resilience of ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley and the venomous bite of the Texas Rattlesnake. 

The physical contest between the two champions Lashley and the Samoan Bulldozer was one that pushed all the rules to the limits – so much that the special guest referee Stone Cold was forced to get his hands dirty (just how he likes it). 

After Austin received a Samoan Spike from the savage Umaga, the Chairman’s son made an unexpected appearance at Ford Field, where he delivered an unbelievable Coast-to-Coast dropkick to the outnumbered Lashley. With the ECW Champion’s face being forced into a steel garbage can, Shane then removed his shirt to reveal a referee shirt of his own.

Just when it looked as if Lashley would be pinned and the most recognizable hair on the globe might be shaved from The Donald’s cranium, the Rattlesnake struck. Now provoked and incensed, Stone Cold interrupted Shane O’Mac’s count and delivered all hell to the Chairman’s son just before receiving another Samoan Spike. With this, Trump (who had enough of Mr. McMahon’s scheming) abandoned his corner and delivered a Lashley-esque clothesline to his billionaire rival.

Back inside the ring, Umaga prepared to deliver yet another lethal thumb to the throat of Austin. The Rattlesnake averted the attack and dropped the 300-pound beast with a Stunner just in time for Lashley to obliterate his opponent with a spear for the win.

The 80,000-plus capacity crowd in Detroit was then drawn out of their seats as Mr. McMahon was unsuccessful in sneaking away and received a Stunner – a move he’s all too familiar with by now. The incapacitated Chairman would then be strapped into the same barber’s chair he flaunted for weeks on Raw in hopes of intimidating The Donald, and was robbed of his “McMane.”

Together, Lashley and Trump sheared Mr. McMahon of his hair while the now-bald billionaire bellowed an agonizing wail. Humiliated and head-shaved, McMahon wept at the mercy of The Donald and the ECW Superstar while Austin looked on sipping on a can of beer.

The mane-less Mr. McMahon crawled and quivered toward the locker room area and suddenly, Austin proved exactly how much he despises billionaires by leveling The Donald with a billion-dollar Stunner – thus, delivering the ultimate WrestleMania moment.

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