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Some Facts about Texas Counties

  • There are 254 counties in Texas.
  • The first 23 counties were created on March 17, 1836.
  • Brewster County is the largest county with 6,204 square miles of territory. It is equal in size to the combined areas of Connecticut and Rhode Island.
  • In 1921, the last county, Kenedy, was created.
  • Lampasas (County) is the Spanish word for lillies.
  • Harris County is the most populous with 3,087,153 people. It also is the fifth most populous county in the nation. Loving County is the least populous with only 96 residents.
  • The highest mountain in Texas stands in Culberson County.
  • Val Verde County was named after a Civil War battle.
  • Panola (County) is the Native American word for cotton.
  • Most county seats fall within five miles of their county's center.
  • Freestone County was named after a type of peach.
  • There are 200 county auditors in Texas.
  • At one time, all county courthouse had to be so centrally located that each citizen could travel to the seat, vote, and return home in a day.
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