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Last Updated on September 4th, 2001
Please note that the templates table has been updated
The various templates have been grouped by category to make it faster to find them.

Please note the addition of a new table for origami templates. It is placed as the first table. The new card templates which were added, include: 2 mini cards They are located at the end of the "Cards Continued" table .

You may find that the templates do not print out in the expected size. This is due to the difference in the computer system, OS, printer, and software you are using. You may wish to change your output % for your printing or you may want to size the templates using a copier.

Origami / Paper Folding Templates

Origami Shirt

Origami Magic Pocket

Origami Envelope 3

Origami Box 3

Tea Bag Star

Origami Box 3

Baby Items Templates

Baby Shoe Favor Box

Diaper Shirt Card

Baby Onesie Card

Diaper Card

Envelope Templates

Envelope 1

Envelope 2

Envelope 3

Envelope 4

Envelope 5

Envelope 6

Envelope 7

Envelope 8

Envelope 9

Envelope 10

CD Envelope

Origami Envy

Stationary Folder

Popup Cards

Basic Popup I

Side-by-side Popup

House Popup

Castle PopUp

Shop Popup

Bird House Popup


Popout I

Cut Cards


Hall Card




Circus Cage

Interlocking Card I

Heart Weave I Card

Heart Weave II Card

Framed Woven Card III

Framed Woven Card IV

Framed Woven Card V

Framed Woven Card VI

Framed Woven Card VII

Framed Woven Card VIII

Cards Continued...

Tent Frame

Lattice Card

Swing Card / Flip Flop

Explosion Card

Neverending Card

Window Shade

Flipup Message


Theatre Card

Pull tab

Card Bookmark

House Card

Trifold Note Card

Church Window

Folded Card I

Folded Card II

Tri-Fold Window

Wheel Card

Hat Card

Wallet Card

Pocket Card I

Pocket Card II

Pocket Card III

Folded Quartet Card

Folded Heart Fan Card

Gift Enclosure B

Stained Glass Windows

Jigsaw Card

Quilt Square

Teapot 1

Teapot 2

Teapot 3

Teapot 4

Teapot 5

Diaper Card

Flower Pot




Lantern Card

Box Card

Reverse Fold Card

4 Panel Reverse Card

Chinese Screen

Flip Out Card I

Flip Out Card II

Angel 1 Card

Angel 2 Card

Angel 3 Card

Ark Card

Cactus Card

Camera Card

Boot 1 Card

Boot 2 Card

Castle A Card

Castle B Card

Chair A Card

Church A Card

Trunk A Card

Train 1 Card

Circus Car Card

Circus Tent Card

Wheelbarrow Card

Drago: Dragon Card

Coffer Cup & Saucer Card

Tea Cup & Saucer Card

Tea Pot VI Card

Grand Piano Card

Shell Card

Cowboy Hat Card

Stage Coach Card

Suit Case Card

Lighthouse Card

Cruise Ship Card

Mason Jar Card

Covered Wagon Card

Gingerbread House Card

The Magic Cube

MiniVan Card

Cinderella's Slipper Card

Train Engine II Card

Wind Mill Card

Twist Card

Parasol Card

Purse Card











Four Bookmarks

Corner Bookmark

Bookmark Envy


Folio 1

Folio 2

Square Folio

Trifolio I

Trifolio II

Checkered Folio

Mini Book Templates

Mini Book I

Mini Book II

Fan Booklet

Accordian Book

Memo Pad Holder

Triangular Accordian Book I

Triangular Accordian Book II

Mini Book Slip Case

Mini Wheel BK

Coupon Book

Pocket Page Book I

Boxes & Bags


SM Favor Box

Tiny Box

Handle Box

Candy Box

Small Box

Interlocking BoxI

Interlocking BoxII

Stationary Box

Small Match Box

Book Box

View Sew Box

Basket I

Basket II

Folded Bag

Folded Gift Bag

Teapot Gift Bag

Small Shopping Bag

Door Hanger Gift Bag

Gift Bag

Tools & Miscellaneous Templates

Perfect Rectangle

Perfect Ovals

Perfect Circles

Perfect Squares

Paper Beads

Diamond 1

Diamond 2

Corner Mount

Door Hanger I

Mask I

Purse Pin


Frame 1

Frame 2


Card Holder

Quilt Star Frame

3-D Templates

Bird House I

Bird House II

Pin Wheel

House Bank


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