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Has Sanjaya Malakar ruined the "American Idol" judges?

MrsimoncowellstSanjaya Malakar so baffles the "American Idol" judges that they don't know what to say. Simon Cowell decided on a different approach Tuesday night. "Incredible," Simon's lips said. But his eyes said anything but incredible. (Pictured: Simon in happier times.)

Randy Jackson has given up on criticizing Sanjaya's singing, preferring to hail him as a great entertainer. This pussyfooting around is slopping over into the judges' critiques of other singers. Simon praised Haley Scarnato's legs after she vamped through "Ain't Misbehavin.'" Yes, her legs.

Some thoughtful  commentary would be nice. But I'll settle for mean. Mean is better than cryptic and coy ... please let us know what you're thinking. That's why you're there.

The nine "Idol" finalists were mentored by Tony Bennett this week. And that setup created an interesting situation for LaKisha Jones. Bennett's suggested how to end "Stormy Weather": hit the big note and leave it at that. She didn't follow his advice -- silly move.

Boy, was it a rocky start for the usually reliable LaKisha. She looked elegant, but she was pushing too hard. Still, the judges threw compliments her way.

The best? Who could ask for anything more than Melinda Doolittle? She sizzled through "I Got Rhythm" with a pro's intensity.

Jordin Sparks was lovely and confident on "On a Clear Day."

Chris Richardson brought surprising, contemporary feeling to "Don't Get Around Much Anymore." The judges loved him. Simon found him good and believable. Randy considered it one of Richardon's best performances.

In the less successful category: Blake Lewis put a mellow, adult contemporary spin on "Mack the Knife." (Oh, for more edge.)

Rocker Gina Glocksen tried, valiantly, to show a warm side on "Smile." She deserves points for trying to stretch.

Scarnato's strutting looked ill-advised and gimmicky.

Simon dismissed Phil Stacey's rendition of "Night and Day" as worthy of a funeral parlor. But Phil had some fine vocal moments in that rendition.

Then there was Sanjaya. He gave a soft-and-fuzzy reading of "Cheek to Cheek." Soft isn't bad -- Fred Astaire sang that song softly. But he sang it distinctively by putting some zing into it. Sanjaya can't do that. His movement around the stage and his dancing with Paula Abdul seemed like ploys to distract everyone from his blah delivery. You can fool some of the people ...

Who do I think is going home Wednesday night? Phil, Gina or Haley. Probably Phil.

How do I rank them for Tuesday's performances?

1. Melinda Doolittle

2. Jordin Sparks

3. Chris Richardson

4. LaKisha Jones

5. Blake Lewis

6. Phil Stacey

7. Gina Glocksen

8. Haley Scarnato

9. Sanjaya Malakar -- oh, Sanjaya, you're making the most of a very strange run.


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shut up already, will you? Sanjaya sang pretty well. Grow up.

Sanjaya needs thrown off the show, He has absolutely no talent. Simon needs to look at taking control when the kiddie votes get this far out of hand trying to take control of who wins regardless of talent.

Have some guts you idiot to say sanjaya sang better than your favorite. You don't really have to go with the herd to feel credible.

HAL'S NOTE: I said what I thought, thank you.

Luckily Sanjaya has a solid fan base of people who enjoy his voice (and performances and yes, even the hair) including, it seems, Mr. Bennett himself who met Sanjaya with the comment "I'm a big fan" and complimented his singing, his daring and his creativity. But what do Mr. Bennett and people like me who vote for Sanjaya know? Of course the naysayers (most of whom simply parrot each other) must be right. This wasn't Sanjaya's strongest performance vocally (though I bet the recorded version is superb and he found the style of the song better than most of the others) but he reached a new level of confident stage presence tonight. The live vocals will only improve with time, experience and training--the charm and lovely tone seem to be god-given and are here to stay. Long live Sanjaya--the next American Idol!!!

It is a farce that Sanjaya is still on American Idol. Not only can he not sing, but he is arrogant. Is the American public truly going to let much better talent continue to get voted off for this joke of a performer?

The judges are the ones that put Sanjaya thru in the first place...they had their chance to get rid of him. I dont like Sanjaya either but the Judges only have themselves to blame.

Sanjaya is undoubtedly the worst performer to ever get this far on AI. Very disappointing and disturbing that the American public actually thinks he has talent...but again, listen to some of the garbage on all the pop stations. He can not sing, he can not dance, and has no reason to be among the Melinda's and Lakisha's of the world. I think of all the talent that was SO much better than him. He certainly will not win it, but he also is not bringing any credibility to the show either. And then we have the contingent that is only voting for him because he is 'their kind'. Even more is wrong with that than one can get into. It's just not right.

Sanjaya is this season's court jester. Let's keep him around while we get rid of the boring singers that are sure to go sometime soon, like Phil this week. Buh bye, Phil. He has no charisma which is the one thing that Sanjaya I do think has.

You forgot to mention that Tony Bennett said Sanjaya had a good voice and that he isn't afraid to be different and that is what is good about him. Tony Bennett likes him and that is saying a lot. Doolittle is far and away the best of all though. She is in a class by herself, and humble. Which leads me to Likisha, who is not humble but a bit arrogant. You are right about Likisha, she didn't listen to LuLu either about song choice a few weeks ago and fell flat. I think Likisha already has a attitude and she isn't even a star yet.

I think Sanjaya should excuse himself from the show,because too many good singers have been thrown off the show.If Melinda & Jordin get kicked off I will not watch the show again. I love the show,but the people should wake up and realize that this is a singing contest not a beauty contest.

sanjaya is good. He is my choice for next American Idol too.

If he had an ounce of class, he would disqualify himself and stop taking a position away from someone with talent. He would be a much better model for Bennetton. I am sure he is a sweet boy, but has no business being on the show. Yuk!

Sanjaya is the only contestant who is entertaining. The others are extremely boring and not nearly as talented as the contestants in past seasons. The other guys in particular wouldn't have lasted for more than a single episode if they had been forced to compete with the contestants from earlier seasons.

Sanjaya all the way!!!

Seriously, who really cares about Sanjaya? He has no talent and he will NOT win American Idol. But lets get on to more important things...Like how HOT Sanjaya's sister is. Have you seen her? She used to work at Hooters. You can see her Hooters pictures right here:


First of all Sanjay has a good voice, talent, and he is fun. Others are overconfident fools. At least Sanjaya knows its limit, and he has his limits.
Simon is a retard.
What his sister does or not has nothing to do with American Idol.
People dislike Simon coz he criticizes a lot.
Stop being a typical American & learn to respect talents. If he hasn't got talent, he would never have made it this far.

Sanjaya is ruining the credibility of Am. Idol. What did the judges see in auctions that we haven't seen yet?!

Well from his survival rate we can see that Sanjaya has some fan following. However critics should also be civil to get their point accross. By making personal attacks and referring to hooters pictures of his sister only make liberal minded people to support the under dog even though they recognize they are betting on the wrong horse.

Look folks, there is a very easy solution for this NEXT year. Have the voting set up to vote for the person you want to have kicked off, not your favorite. That way if there is another vote for the worst, it will get rid of the worst.

Sanjaya may not be the most talented but he certainly is most different and most entertaining than the rest. What does his sister do for living is nobody's business. Just because information is out there, why abuse it to throw dirt at someone who has done nothing wrong.


I luv Sanjaya, he is crazy cool!

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