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Good Morning Revival

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When they first got famous, Good Charlotte were easy to make fun of but still kind of likable: working-class guys dressing like Rancid and making catchy mall punk with little pretense. Then came 2004's overblown, overreaching The Chronicles of Life and Death, and now comes Good Morning Revival, another album that gets further away from the band's core appeal: Its songs are dark and sour, with shimmery electronics and some tortured emo choruses. Jumpier rhythms help, and GC still know how to write a hook. But "The River" is a cruddy, L.A.-dissing aggro anthem, and "Misery," with its litany of heartaches, is one of several cuts that could use some Prozac. Sounds like growing up sucks even more than they originally thought it would.


(Posted: Mar 21, 2007)


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DigitizedSociety writes:

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If you are a Good Charlotte fan.. not a person who likes one or two of their singles.. but a person that likes their albums.. youll like this one too. Sure the single the first time i heard it was like "WTF?!?!?! is this shit".. but i saw them play it live when they were doing their club tour and they definately pull out some Rock on the track live... i was a lil afraid of the what is called "faux rap" but realized there is a difference between rapping and talking with melody. The album is different.. but thats a good thing.. change is good... development and evolution are good. I like dark music and songs that arent happy happy joy joy. I just love the fact that RS gave FOB a better score on an album that just blatantly rips off of other bands. GC may have been inspired by but they dont rip off... if you doubt me listen to "thnks fr th mmrs" 1:40 - 2:40 and tell me that isnt just completely ripping Panic! off. Not to mention FOB's review was like 5 or six paragraphs and this review is 1 paragraph?(wonder how much RS charges per paragraph) RS is going down hill and fast..

Apr 3, 2007 06:30:47

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cjwbball51 writes:

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Good Charlotte always sucked. Hands down. Their commercial breakthrough had laughable and pathetic lyrics, their second album had the phony confidence that they had already done something great with there previous record, and then there's this album, which has no musicality whatsoever, being recycled and boring pop songs that no one wants to hear. The River and Dance Floor Anthem are boring overrecycled Green Day songs, and Keep Your Hands Off My Girl is faux rapping over Panic! At The Disco synths. Man, do they suck.

Mar 30, 2007 17:46:32

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AndrewStefani writes:

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Fans of Good Charlotte are going to love this album, as long as they're open to change. Non-fans are going to be pleasantly surprised by this album and likely enjoy what they hear, as well. Good Charlotte has grown up, they are now 4 albums older, and the growth and maturity shows. They've transformed from a pop-punk band and now evolved into a truly great indie-pop band. Joel and Benji Madden's songwriting is top-notch and they know how to write great hooks and catchy melodies- and contrary to what another personal reviewer said- the songs on this album ARE very insightful and packed with meaning. Songs like "March On" and "Where Would We Be Now" show great expression and depth, and songs like "Dance Floor Anthem" and "Keep Your Hands Off My Girl" are perfect indie pop and banging beats. Good Charlotte is a great band capable of much more than most other bands- and this album proves it. "Good Morning Revival" is an epiphany in a way for them- they couldn't have created a more perfect or satisfying album.

Mar 28, 2007 19:22:44

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KrIsTeNxGeE writes:

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SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. Who are they tring to be? There songs have no meaning or depth. What were they thinking when they thought they could pull that off. They were sell-outs from the beginning.

Mar 25, 2007 14:50:25

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