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SURFboard® SB5100 External Cable Modem

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Features of the NEW Motorola SB5100 Cable Modem are:

  • DOCSIS™ 1.1 and 2.0 CableLabs® Certified™
  • New, compact design that is a stylish and clutter-free addition to virtually any desktop
  • Top-mounted stand-by button enhances network security to end-user
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet and USB connectivity
  • Front panel LEDs and built-in HTML-based diagnostic user interface for easy troubleshooting
  • OS Compatibility: (for Ethernet connectivity) Windows® 95/98/2000/Me/XP, Macintosh®, Linux and UNIX; (for USB connectivity) drivers WHQL certified for Windows® 2000/Me/XP
  • Integrated A-TDMA and S-CDMA technology - capable of providing up to 30 Mbps upstream data rate
  • Capable of downloading at speeds up to 100 times faster than 28.8k analog phone modem*
  • Supports up to 32 users (1 via USB and up to 31 via Ethernet or 32 users on Ethernet)
  • No telephones lines needed - always on, always connected
Motorola's SURFboard SB5100 high speed cable modem delivers screaming fast Internet access. As the leader in the cable modem industry, the SB5100 and the previous generations of SURFboard Cable Modems are all CableLabs® Certified™. This certification validates their performance, ease of use, interoperability, scalability and rock-solid quality.

The Motorola SURFboard SB5100 Cable Modem will become available very shortly, as many cable operators will begin deploying the SB5100 in March 2003. Many retailers will be carrying the new Motorola SB5100 cable modem beginning in April 2003.

Motorola's next generation SURFboard SB5100 Cable Modem incorporates the latest DOCSIS 2.0 Advanced Time Division Multiple Access (A-TDMA) and Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (S-CDMA) technologies to provide up to three times greater upstream capacity than DOCSIS 1.0/1.1 systems. Packed with power, the SB5100 is interoperable and backward compatible with DOCSIS 1.0 and 1.1 for a fast and timely transition - operators can deploy the SB5100 today without a service interruption. The Motorola SURFboard SB5100 is flexible and allows operators to maximize their current infrastructure investments and also offer additional cost-effective services, all at the same time.

What's Included with the Motorola SURFboard SB5100 Cable Modem?

  • USB cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power adapter
  • Installation CD-ROM with USB drivers
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 2-year Standard Limited Warranty**

Motorola's SB5100 truly makes plug-and-play a reality! The SB5100 simplifies installation with either Ethernet or USB connectivity. Installation couldn't be simpler just follow these steps!

Convenient for both operators and end-users alike, the Motorola SURFboard SB5100 ensures end-user security via a top-mounted stand-by button that quickly isolates the USB and Ethernet connection to the PC without disconnecting the cable modem from the RF network. What's more, the SB5100 simplifies troubleshooting with its front panel status indicator LEDs and integrated HTML diagnostics page.

The introduction of the Motorola SURFboard SB5100 Cable Modem further demonstrates Motorola's technological leadership, as well as its overall commitment to the cable industry. Equipped to meet DOCSIS 2.0 standards, the SB5100 is a next-generation cable modem that's ready to take advantage of tomorrow's advanced technologies - today. It's interoperable and backward compatible with existing DOCSIS 1.0 and 1.1 systems and allows for cost-efficient incremental system upgrades - and it's also user-friendly, convenient, flexible and simple to install.

If you'd like to find out more about SURFboard cable modems, visit our FAQs!

When compared to traditional 28.8k analog modems. Actual speeds will vary, and are often less than the maximum possible. Upload and download speeds area affected by several factors including but not limited to: the capacity of and the services offered by your broadband service provider, network traffic, computer equipment, type of server, and number of connections to server. **Warranty may vary by Cable Operator

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