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London Metropolitan University Graduate Centre

The Graduate Student Centre for the London Metropolitan University is a small building dedicated to the growing graduate population and is placed as a major gateway to the University on Holloway Road.

The building, which opened in March of 2004, promotes postgraduate identity through the provision of facilities to enhance the staff and student experience of graduate educations. It also encourages and facilitates cross-university collaboration at postgraduate level.

The University argues that top quality design can greatly improve the educational experience for the students as they feel valued and enjoy learning in high-quality surroundings. read more...

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completion: 2003

London Metropolitan University
Graduate Centre
166-220 Holloway Road
London N7 8DB

London Metropolitan University

Technical Details:
Net Area:
700 sq.m.(7000 sq.ft.)

Gross Area:
1000 sq.m.(10,000 sq.ft.)

In-Situ Concrete with Stainless Steel Cladding

Services provided:
Complete architectural design services from inception to completion. Landscape design. Design of fixtures.

Building cost (incl. preliminaries, reserve, inflation):
2,000,000 GBP

3,000,000 GBP


Structural Engineers::
Cadogan Tietz

WSP Group

Quantity Surveyor:

Project Management & Planning Supervision:
Robinson Low Francis

London Metropolitan University

ORION - the spatial emblem of the Northern sky - is the guiding light for developing a unique icon for the London Metropolitan University on Holloway Road. The Orion project provides a landmark attracting visitors to the cultural program within by its articulated forms.

The Orion project has an enlivening impact on the wider urban context and particularly on the image and accessibility of the University. The three intersecting elements that form the building strategically emphasise certain relationships: one creates a connection between the public, the new building and the university behind, one form gestures from the university toward the tube connection to the city and one more regular form stitches the new building into the context of Holloway Road. A small plaza at the entrance provides an accent and an engaging gateway.

The ORION building is composed of three intersecting volumes with a distinctive presence on the street and unique interior spaces. The building is clad entirely with embossed coloured stainless steel panels creating a shining and ever-changing surface. Windows are conceived as large geometrical cuts providing accentuated natural light for the café, galleries and seminars. The interior spaces are simple, bold volumes which provide multi-purpose flexibility for programmatic events.

The design accommodates the public functions of the building, while securing the more private University functions. The entire building or parts of the building can be separated to be used for public events. At the same time, the new building is integrated into the circulation patterns of the University and if need be can be totally closed off to the public.

ORION is a contribution to the intense urban life on Holloway Road and to the graduate students of the London Metropolitan University. The interior and exterior provide a unity of composition and a magnet to the facility.

Daniel Libeskind


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