warkin, whose founder Late Dwarkanath Ghose
invented the hand harmonium in its present form ,was established in the year 1875.
The bulky Pedal harmonium by Alexander and other French makers (Played by both hands and pedaled by legs sitting on a stool or chair) were rather unsuitable for the average Indian homes, where chairs were seldom used at the time we are talking about.
Late Dwarkanath Ghosh
The Harmonium Flute or Organ Accordian was a very clever invention of Mansieur Busson of Paris (being an adaption of the German Accordian and Harmonium). Busson's Harmony 'Flute' was originally intented for European home, to be used as an accompaniment to the Piano in place of the German Accordian. Though melodious in tone and existed on the market for a decade or so, was never widely used because it had several drawbacks and rather complicated in its construction and design.

There was a great deal of room for improvement and it was left to Mr.Dwarkanath Ghose to effect same to perfection.He entirely altered the design of the Reed -board, Key-board and the Bellows and made the construction simpler, easier to manipulate and repair, and much more durable.

After repeated and ardous experiments he gave the Hand Harmonium, the shape and form now seen (suitable for playing by sitting on the floor) and he (known as Dwarka) thus, is generally conceded to be The inventor of Hand Harmonium.

The invention of this Hand Harmonium by Mr.Ghose and the Quality of Dwarkin's Harmonium has been appreciated by eminent people of the music circle in India and abroad which include such great names as Rabindranath Tagore, Jyotirindranath Tagore, Upendra Kishore Roychowdhry and others.

With the introduction of Hand Harmonium, the popularity of music has grown immensely, as, with the help of harmonium even ordinary people with limited purse can learn and practise music without much help from outside. This would not have been possible but for the simplicity of design worked out by Mr.Ghose and consequently low cost of production.

Since the inception of our establishment 131years ago (Estd.1875), we constantly endeavour to follow our founder's idealism, to improve and maintain quality and standard of production. We pray his blessings to continue the dedicated serving for a heavenly object- the "MUSIC".

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