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CVA Signed, Sealed and Approved!


From www.margate-fc.com:

The Directors can now confirm that the Clubs CVA has been approved by the Football Association, signed by the Club's Directors and sent to the High Court for sealing.

The Directors can also confirm that resulting from irresolvable issues in the negotiation to appoint the Clubs preferred operator for the community facilities of the development, the Development Team have approved that the Club appoint their own Sports Development Officer and an advertisement for this position will be released shortly. This appointment needs to be in place before the Clubs final papers to the sports council can be processed.

The events that took place during the match against Wealdstone, were handled exactly right by the Clubs stewards, the Directors fully support their actions, which were carried out in the interest of the safety of all those attending the game. A report of the incident is being prepared and will be forwarded to the FA and the Ryman League.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jim Parmenter for transferring his shares in this Club back to the Directors and also for deferring his loans from the CVA agreement, without Jim's generosity in this matter the CVA could so easily have fallen down.

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Gate get Permission

From the official Margate FC web site:

Margate Football Club is now able to confirm that it has been granted detailed planning permission for its proposed commercial development from both the Planning Committee and Full Council of Thanet District Council. Approval is subject to the consent of the Government Office of the South East, who have previously approved the development but because of the relocation of the ten 5 a-side pitches must re-affirm their decision.

The commercial development includes the 80 bed Hotel, a Health & Fitness Suite, Theme Pub, Conference and Banqueting facilities, a full-sized All Weather Pitch, ten 5 a-side pitches and most importantly a 5000 capacity Football Stadium that will comply to Football League standards.

The Development Team will now submit its project viability statement to Thanet District Council for approval and we expect to be ready to commence the total re-development of Hartsdown Park before the turn of the year. In the meantime work continues to reopen the temporary facility at Hartsdown Park for the start of the Season, which remains on programme.

Your Manager has now been advised to increase his search for more players to return our Club back to the Nationwide Conference.

Up the Gate!

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Into Administration

Margate Football Club has today filed with the Courts to enter into Administration. Administrators have been appointed and negotiations for a Company Voluntary Agreement will take place over the next two months.

This move has been made in order to protect the company from its creditors, with whom the Club have been unable to reach formal repayment plans. This will also protect the investment being made by our Development Partners in relation to the redevelopment project.

The Club would like to stress that, whilst it would have liked to avoid taking this course of action, it in no way effects our return to Hartsdown Park for the forthcoming Season and we look forward to facing the challenges which lay ahead.

Following the Clubs announcement today, we confirm that we have formally notified the Football Conference, accepting the automatic and immediate deduction of 10 points from our Conference South total.

Further to this our partners, the London and Margate Development Company have again confirmed that the Clubs application for a CVA does not impact or effect in any way the building programme to return us to Hartsdown Park for the start of next Season. They further undertake to meet in full all football debts including the Clubs embargo.

Once our detailed planning consent is in place and the leases are signed, Margate Football Club will have a massive future ahead and will not look back from the last league game on Saturday.

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Time Running Out Fast

Margate are in a struggle against a council that for whatever reason are denying us the right to return home to Hartsdown Park in Margate.

We have been striving now for 3 yrs and have had to endure travelling firstly to Dover and then to Ashford to ground share. Both between 45 -60 minutes away. We have the developers at hand and the finance to build a new stadium but the council seem hell-bent on refusing us a way forward.

We have now got to the stage that the council don't see it as a viable concern yet the club do. So at the expense of the club it has been agreed to get in an independent surveyor to finally make a decision. We have 14 days to get that decision then the council (Thanet district council) will then come to a decision, finally.

We have at present a petition on the web at www.savemfc.co.uk and also at www.confsouth.co.uk. Please sign this petition as we already have 1000 signatures and together with that we have over 600 signatures off the street. Last Thursday we held a 130 strong demo at the council offices.

We are in our last weeks unless the result from the surveyor is positive. Even then the council will be going through various stages before we actually get the go-ahead, The conference have given us till August to build a stadium or we will be demoted again (previously self demoted). Or cease to exist.

Please help and sign petition NOW!
Thank you on behalf of the fans of Margate FC.

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Homeless club needs stadium

Club Chairman Keith Piper has explained the current situation with the proposed new stadium and, although fans remain suspicious, he claims funding has been secured and the local authority is happy with the Clubs latest plans.
He claims that once the Council are finally happy with the feasibility and business plan of the Stadium then work should begin. However it would appear that the detailed plans for the commercial development part of the project are still to be approved.
Previous attempts to build a new stadium with the old joint venture between MFC and Stadia Management, failed to meet with restrictive covenants on the site.
Regrettably, the old ground at Hartsdown Park was demolished last year without proper funding and plans in place. The then Chairman, along with the previous administration at Thanet D.C. had arranged that. (The local authority is both landlord and planning authority).
Because the club have to continue playing their 'home' Conference games at Dover, the Club are having to present their case to the Nationwide Conference on May 6th. This will determine whether or not they can allow Margate continued membership of Conference One or be relegated to the newly-formed Conference Two, where the ground grading rules will be different. If that is to be the case then Margate will possibly play at Dover or even at Ashford until a new ground is built. The Conference will finally decide on June 6th at their AGM the final situation. However, the Club can appeal to the FA. (It's interesting to note that the FA upheld MFC's appeal against a fine imposed by the Conference at �5000 per game for continuing with their ground-share at Dover).
Between now and May 6th, the Club, Thanet D.C., the funders and developers will hopefully reach an agreement for the work to start in May. We'll see.