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2005-12-25Merry Christmas!
2005-12-23Happy Times for 5.1 Fans
2005-11-27Major Nature Concert in Iceland
2005-11-26Tanya Tagaq the best
2005-11-24More DR9 promotion in Fader Mag
2005-11-22About Obsession
2005-11-22Interview In New York Magazine
2005-11-12Björk featured in book by Floria Sigismondi
2005-11-07Making Music: Meredith Monk
2005-10-1630 Seconds To Mars cover 'Hunter'
2005-10-13'Shooting Stars & Asteroids' remix of 'Who Is It'
2005-10-10Awarded inspiration
2005-10-05Inez & Vinoodh show off, Screaming Masterpiece awarded
2005-09-28Björk live track on Gilles BBC Sessions
2005-09-19Making Music: Meredith Monk
2005-09-18Oxfam charity auction
2005-09-14Directors Label DVD releases
2005-09-08Live 8 as DVD and book, and UniTee shipping
2005-09-03Film Festival and Swan Dress auction
2005-08-16DR9 in at the Venice Film Festival and a dr9.kjú.n.æ
2005-07-25Drawing Restraint 9 is out today
2005-07-21DR9 release and Telegraph
2005-07-19Upcoming XFM
2005-07-17Scotsman + Independent Interviews
2005-07-04Report from Live8
Björk took the stage for the Live8 event on saturday in Tokyo with Matmos, Zeena and a japanese string octet by her side, and performed the following songs infront of 10,000 people; Pagan Poetry, All Is Full Of Love, Desired Constellation, Jóga, Hyperballad, Generous Palmstroke, Bachelorette and It's In Our Hands (Soft Pink Truth Remix). Afterwards, there was a press conference. Some quotes:

"I look at the news, I see people starving, I am crying. I'm a total mess. You try to think how you're going to break through this cobweb of problems and bureaucracy and how on Earth anybody is going to make any change."

"I guess sometimes I feel there's not much hope to change anything... but I have to say, when I started to see in the news that Bob Geldoff was gonna get people together, it sorta felt that maybe there was about 5% hope -- which is better than zero!"

"It seems to me that the politicians of the rich countries are almost like this VIP that are untouchable - and then the rest of the public of their own countries and of all the other countries of the world are like the "other" chunk that don't have a voice... so, I would like to say that I am part of that huge chunk, which actually is about... 95% of the world!"

As for what she is working on right now, she replied in a recent issue of German magazine SZ; "Nothing. Wonderful. The film project is finished and as soon as this interview is over, I will go to Iceland for two months. Upcountry, just moss and wind. A tent, oat flakes, a creek, that’s all you need. And after that – no idea."
2005-06-25Björk joins Live8
2005-06-11DR9 special
2005-06-06Drawing Restraint 9 tracklisting released
2005-05-24Directors Label continues
2005-05-02Army Of Me is hits the shops today
2005-04-14More on new video from Gabríela
2005-04-12Live & Television archive DVDs
2005-04-07Two Tracks to download at WarChildMusic
2005-04-02Army of Me available and April Fools
2005-04-02Army of Me turning into Armies of Me
2005-04-01Big Time Sensuality into Reality
2005-04-01Army of CW
2005-03-20Medúlla 2disc DVD
2005-03-16Q+A in The Independent
2005-03-13Interview in The Observer
2005-03-12Björk on the Jonathan Ross show today
2005-03-10Army Of Me: Details: Get Ready!
2005-02-28Triumph of a Heart Release Day!
2005-02-23Looking For A Thrill : An Anthology Of Inspiration
2005-02-01New com/\/\unity
2005-01-2477ísland revival
2005-01-21The Premiere of Triumph of a Heart
2005-01-20Arakimentary showing in New York
2005-01-18An Army of Mixes
2005-01-11The Triumph of a Heart Release
2005-01-09Army of Me-xes for Charity Record
2005-01-07Lists of 2004- the year that was
2005-01-01Happy & Bright 2005!