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The Early Edition: Tomorrow's Show Spoiler (The EE crew has called it about it here)

NEWS (Storyline/Spoiler/Actor Info and more)

Family Trees and Histories

Facts about Days Couples

Wedding Vows, special letters & poems of couples

Days Updates Archive

Classic Storylines

Love Themes of Days Couples (repeatedly played for specific couples)

The Children of Salem

The Children Who Grew Up in Salem

 Storyline Information

Late Breaking News

Daily summaries, spoilers, update archive, significant dates and classic storylines retold.

Up-to-the-minute spoilers, casting news and other storyline information.

Character Information

Days Cast and Alumni Information

Family trees, birthdays, first and last scenes, twins, names, and the Children of Salem.

Cast list, cast photos, chat transcripts, appearances, fascinating facts, frequently asked questions and where are they now?

Salem Facts

The Main Location for Fans

Salem establishments, kidnappings, births, serial killers, addresses and other random facts.

Tape trading, photo galleries, fan fiction, classic quotes, fan events, discussion boards, email lists and more

Days Couples


Wedding album, facts about couples, wedding vows, and music played for couples.

Actor and character pages, general Days pages, international pages, other soap pages and webrings.


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