Wrestler:                            The PR Nitemare Eric Perez

From:                                  San Juan PR
Height:                                6'3

Weight:                               265 lbs

Signature Move:              You're done son! (Bossman Slam) Anexation of PR (sit down DDT), Puerto Rican Muggin (on slaught of punches)

Career Highlights:           Beat Abdulah the Butcher via DQ.

Greatest Moment:            Getting hired by WWE

Titles:                                  IWA IC Title, 3 times IWA Harcore Title, 2 times IWA Tage Title, WWC PR Title, WWC Tag Title, DSW Tag Title.

Bio: Eric Perez lives his life by one phrase and one phrase only "Le Teme a nada, Confi en Nadie" which means "Trust No One, Fear Nothing"

Eric started his wrestling career in PR where he quickly accelerated through the wrestling ranks to capture many titles.

Now Eric has come to DSW for 2 things: hurting his opponents and the Highly coveted DSW Heavyweight title.



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