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System Requirements:
• Windows® 98/ME/XP CD
• 300 MHz Processor
• 32 MB RA
• 80 MB free hard disk space
  for minimum install
  (500 MB free hard disk
  space for full install)
• 256 color displa
• 640 x 480 resolution
• 8X speed CD-ROM drive
• Windows compatible
  sound card and speakers
• Mouse
• Printer.



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The Evolution Continues!

It's time to race and Team Turbo needs you! Challenge your Pokémon knowledge in 5 exciting games, each with multiple skill levels, to earn racing power-ups. Then use these turbo boosts at just the right time on 6 tough race courses to cross the finish line first.

Meet your match in The Street Race. This course may be straight, but it's far from easy! Maximize the traction of your racing ball, collecting your character's letters for double points as you speed to the finish line.

Dominate Squirtle's Door Dilemma. Can you guess Squirtle's secrets and figure out who's hiding behind the doors? Open all 3 doors to win a Water Balloon to slow your opponents on the race track!

Take on Charizard's Crossword Challenge. Can you complete the PokÈmon crossword puzzle? Answer the tough questions before your guesses run out to win a Turbo Boost for your next race.

Survive the Dirt Track Insanity. Whiz through the dirt track to cross the finish line first! Collect your characters domino pieces throughout the track to win a Turbo Boost but avoid the other dominos or risk spinning out.

Master Skitty's Block Out Game. Pokémon characters are falling from above! Align like characters to earn nuts that you can toss at your opponents during the next race.

Conquer Mudkip's Word Finder Prove you're a PokÈmon word master by finding the PokÈmon words before the time runs out. Can you find 'em all to win Super Furret Speed for your next race?



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