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clock Mar 29, 2007 6:20 pm US/Pacific

Some Hoping In Rejuvenating A Folsom Railroad

Some Say Tourist Dollars Could Be Gained From Old Folsom Railroad

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John Iander

(CBS13) FOLSOM Some people in Folsom probably couldn't believe their eyes when history was literally on the move. Motorists in Folsom got quite a shock today what was this rolling down the abandoned railroad tracks that run from the city all through the foothills?

Aboard a railcar were historians and city officials getting a sneak peak at about 18-miles of track that has been cleaned and repaired. The route takes us past shopping centers, through secret forests, over deer creek and past some of the most beautiful scenery in our foothills.

"We want you to see what we have here, most people have no idea about the potential here," said Bill Anderson, a rail road historian.

Rail buffs hope to begin running an excursion train in this area sometime in the future. All these tracks and right of way are already owned by the city.

"We bought all of this," said Anderson.

The tracks are still pretty bumpy since they haven't be used or maintained for decades. After a quick check, we're back on the rails trying to convince these city leaders that a tourist train here would attract thousands of visitors and lots of revenue. Vice Mayor Kerri Howell seemed convinced.

If these rail buffs' dreams come true, this line could be expanded all the way to Placerville. All they need now is a bigger train and lots of money, volunteers and sweat.

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